Cheap End of Lease Flea Treatments in Sydney

We offer the cheapest and most reliable treatment (a.k.a pest control) for fleas when your lease is up without the need for fumigation.

Special Rate of $165.00 for areas within metro Sydney

Don’t pay more than $165! We promise we won’t charge an expensive fee to get rid of fleas in rental properties. (Also called End Of Lease Flea Spray) so this is a fantastic offer.  If you get a better genuine deal (you won’t, we’ve checked!) we will try and negotiate a better option.

For fast action call 0417 251 911 or email These rates won’t last!

RENTAL PROPERTY TREATMENTS – See our check list of tips at the end of this article

If you are a tenant and have a pet such as a dog or a cat during your tenancy, chances are that you’ll be asked for proof that you’ve had a treatment against fleas at the end of your tenancy lease agreement.

Australian Flea Life Cycle

Special conditions on your lease may demand this once your lease has expired. If you don’t arrange this yourself, a more costly treatment may be deducted from your bond. Sprays may be requested for internal only, external only or both. Expect the treatment to take 20-30 minutes on average.

How much does it cost for a Flea Spray?

Expect to pay around $250 for an average price from other pest control firms. I know that it is annoying if you know that you haven’t got fleas, but still have to have it done as part of your rental agreement. But if you have to have it done, why not get the best price from a firm that has a reputation for being reliable with safe fumigation or control?

We have a special deal anywhere in the Sydney metro area of just $165 for conditions where there are no active fleas, or if a flea infestation is found, we charge $245. Both of these services are including GST and you are provided with a tax invoice and statement of treatment from our company.

EOLF Pest Control Tips

1 Always leave the unit as you received it, neat and tidy. Carpet cleaning is quite important and might require professional attention.

2 Take lots of before and after photos.

3 Remember to store your evidence in somewhere where its safe and easily retreivable.

4.Dress appropriately in court or consumer affairs.

5. Use flea bombs. If you buy flea bombs try Aldi where they have their own home brand which is a lot cheaper than the Mortein Brand.  $2.65 compared to over $5 per can for exactly the  same insecticides.

Read more:


Our flea control for tenants are always carried out by experienced, licensed and friendly pest control technicians. It commences with the applying of low-toxic, synthetic pyrethroid spray. Areas like carpets, mats, flooring and skirting board sections need to be treated and sometimes external areas such as subfloor, garden, lawns, verandahs, patios, decks, garages, etc are treated as well. There is no mess or choking fumes that other firms using in their end of lease fumigation treatments. You would need to inform us of the areas that your pet is fond of so that we can pay particular attention to these areas.

If these annoying pests are a problem for you and your family, please call us on 0417 251 911, or email me at for free quotes and information about fleas in Metro areas 


Fleas are found in humid surroundings & climates. They suck blood from the host animal which are usually cats, dogs & human being.

The 4 stages of the flea life-cycle are:

  • Egg
  • Larva
  • Pupa
  • Adult
Their life cycle ranges from 2-3 weeks to more than a year, dependent upon their environmental situations.

Female fleas can lay approximately 50 eggs every day, which works out to be 500-600 eggs over several months. It may consume over 15 times it’s body volume in blood everyday.

Ten fleas (5 males 5 females) can potentially reproduce over 250,000 offspring in one month.

In some cases you can expect to still see some fleas within the environment for around 6 weeks while the spray takes effect. We use an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) to help speed up this process.

If you need a treatment certificate quickly, please just call us on 0417 251 911, or fill out a quick form (contact us) for pest control Sydney Metro. See our Google+ account and Find us on Google+

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Looking for End of Lease Flea Control?

The safest & cheapest way to get rid of fleas at the end of your lease


Your Landlord might ask you if have a pets (dogs or a cats) during your lease to have spray against fleas in most areas of Sydney. Look and see, it may be part of your lease agreement letter.

Flea Life Cycle on a Dog


Now If you don’t arrange to have this done, your landlord will probably ask that treatment that he or she arranges may be deducted from your bond. Treatments may be requested for the internal areas only, for the external only or both.

The treatment will take around 20-30 minutes on average with our firm with no need for dangerous fumigation methods that other firms use.

How much does it cost?

Other pest control companies will charge you around $250 to $330 for an end of lease flea spray.

Now the Good News!

Currently we have a special rate in the Sydney metropolitan area of only $145 where there are no fleas, or if infestation is present, we only charge $245. Either of these services include GST, & of course you will be provided with a tax invoice and treatment documentation.

N.B: At these rates, we only accept cash as payment (sorry no credit cards or cheques), or EFT 24 hours prior to treatment day.


We start with a low-toxic insecticidal spray. Interior area perimeters sometime need to be treated, and also external areas may be treated as well. The end of lease flea control will take between 20 – 30 minutes on average to complete without the need for traditional toxic Sydney fumigation methods.

Checklist Tips For Leaving Your Rental – Please share with your friends or add to your Favourites

Here is a list of great tips to get the best out of your move.  This will have the following effects: 

1. It greatly improves your chances of getting your bond back; 

2. You more than double your chances of getting a good referral back from the landlord; 

3. Doing the right thing improves your reputation and gains respect.

List of Moving Tips

1. Take photos of what it looks like once you are finished. Take an inventory of what’s left behind. That will include and pre-existing marks on the walls, floors, ceilings, taps and sinks, shower, bath, toilet, windows, carpets, curtains and similar.  Hopefully you will be able to match them with photos that you took when you first moved in

2. Remove nails and posters. If the hole made by the nail or hanger is a small one, just press a little spackle over the area and smooth it over with your finger or with a putty knife. If the hole is larger, fill the opening will crunched up newspaper so that you fill the space without protruding beyond the opening. Then apply the spackle and smooth over it with the putty knife. Let the Spackle dry completely before you doing anything else.

Once it’s dry, you’ll probably need to sand the area a bit so it will blend with the surrounding area. And now comes the hard part: you need to match the paint. You don’t need to paint the whole room. You just need to cover the parts of the wall that have been damaged by the holes you made.

3. Clean everything that you can as much as possible. 

Easy Off Bam 

Easy Off Bam cleaner is the best product to use. You will need to leave it for about 4-6 hours and then stains will wash off immediately with very little further effort from you. This is what to use if you want to get it REALLY clean. An added feature is that its not overpowering, but leaves a pleasing smell. 

4. Clean all carpets with a DYI solution like Britex. 

 Britex DYI Carpet Cleaner

It costs $39.90 for 24 hours or only $49.00 for 48 hours. Find a store to hire them from here:

Here are some sample store locations for Carpet cleaning hire in the Hills District:




Phone: 8661-0904




Phone: 8852 9700




Phone: 9659-6055




Phone: 8846-4500




Phone: 9680-2022




Phone: 9659-6486




Phone: 8883-5354




Phone: 9624-5213




Phone: 9677-6459




Phone: 9639-4445

Once a tenant moves out of a rental property he/she is obligated to leave the property in the same state it was when they moved in, apart from fair wear and tear. Your landlord or real estate agent will inspect your property upon you moving out, and you’d be risking your rental bond if you fail to uphold the requirements of the terms stipulated within the lease. Many tenants have come to decide upon arranging a professional cleaning of the property. Those who have pets may also need to arrange an end of lease flea fumigation.
Do unto others…
If you take the time to consider it, treating the residence for fleas is more than just an obligation under a lease – on the “do unto others” principle you really wouldn’t want to hand over the property or residence unless you are completely confident that you have taken all the procedures and measures to ensure that your pets’ fleas haven’t had a negative impact on any new tenants moving in.

It is now well accepted that tenants are responsible for flea treatments where animals have been on the premises, even if dogs and cats have been kept in the yards outside.

In NSW Law, Section 103 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1994 clearly sets out the lessor’s responsibilities in respect of the property.

The main obligation of the landlord, is to make sure that the property is clean & fit to live in.

If infestations of cockroaches, spiders, rats, fleas or othe pest including possums exists, it follows that the Landlord has the responsibility making sure that no infestations are existings at the start of the lease.

Professional flea treatment
After you’ve arranged for the premises to be treated for fleas the pest control agency should provide you with documentation which you can supply your landlord or agent with to serve as proof that an end of lease flea fumigation has indeed been conducted at the property. This will assist you with a smooth transition, avoiding any uncertainty or arguments initiated by the landlord or agent. As well, arranging an inspection by yourself is very likely to save you cash, since you are in a position to look at various options and select the best price; if it’s up to your landlord or agent to arrange the flea treatment they might very well choose the more expensive option as they don’t have to fork out the cash.
A flea infestation might not be obvious to you
So often people walk into an unoccupied home and are almost immediately set upon by fleas. Regularly the case is that previous tenants leave the premises under the impression that the home is completely free of any fleas. But, flea eggs might have been present in the carp for example, and once owners and pets have left there is no food source – of course only until someone else enters the home to inspect it!
The whole process of moving house is a tense and stressful period for you and there are so many other things on the “to do” list that having to organise an end of lease flea fumigation might seem like a bit too much. However it could be very important as it would secure your reputation as a good tenant. Taking the time to arrange a pest management treatment before you move out keeps the ball in your court, and you are able to have work done by a pest control agency which you choose and negotiate a reasonable price with. Leaving the property in tip-top shape when you leave secures the return of your rental bond without any deductions. And handing over a property which is free of fleas will only improve your reputation as a responsible tenant whom is happily recommended by a landlord or agent.
Do you need to arrange flea treatment for a home in the Sydney area? Contact Bruce Gow at or call him on 0417 251 911.
Flea Behavior and Habits
Fleas prefer warm, humid conditions and Sydney provides the perfect environment for them, hence why they are extremely prolific at his time of year ! Larvae are able to develop at a faster rate in  humid conditions both indoors and outdoors. Fleas are able to halt their growth and development at various stages in their life waiting for the right humid conditions to arise. Sydney has experienced unusual weather this summer with many rainy day followed by sweltering heat making fleas breed at a faster rate than usual, so get your End of Lease Flea Treatment done now !