Wolf Spiders


Article author: Bruce Gow


Encountered across all of Australia.

Identification and Habits:

There are many species within the Wolf Spider family, varying in size from 1 to 8 cm and have a robust body. Regardless they’re very agile hunters and live in either leaf litter or their burrows which are often found in gardens or on and in lawns. The Wolf Spiders have 8 eyes of which the 4 largest are arranged in a square formation on the top of the head. Their body colours are commonly quite boring with most variegated patterns in the colours brown, grey, black and white (often with lines that radiate from the carapace and a scroll like pattern on the abdomen). Their underside is black or grey and occasionally has white markings; the jaws are also known to bear an orange spot on the sides.


Symptoms from a Wolf Spider bite are generally quite minor – such as pain around the bit and/or itching. Less often the symptoms can include swelling, prolonged pain, dizziness and a rapid pulse accompanied by nausea.

First Aid:

Medical attention should be sought out if symptoms are found to be persistent.

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