A1 Pest Control – Building and Pest Inspection Details & Brochure



Whether you’re a prospective homeowner or established conveyancer looking for a Pest & Building Inspection we pride ourselves in great customer service and professional inspections and reports. The brochure below details our services, equipment and the fees related to Pest & Building inspections, as well as detailing some of the methods we make use of during an inspection.



We have three highly professional building inspectors, with reputations for excellent and thorough reporting, that have come alongside our pest control firm allowing us to deliver reliable and thorough Pest & Building Inspections. We’re looking to establish relationships with conveyancers. Our firm has certified & licensed staff with ample experience as well as the owner, Bruce Gow, who has specialized in the pest industry with over three decades of experience!

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2014 Inspection Price List Brochure-page-002
We realize that it’s not just about the paperwork but delivering high quality results for our clients. We won’t let you down!