Spider Control article by Bruce Gow

Do you need professional spider control? Australia is home to numerous species of spiders, and there’s no shortage of them in most Aussie back yards. Many are relatively harmless, some will give you a nasty bite, and others – like the Red Back, the Funnel Web and the White Tailed Spider – are capable of making the recipient of the bite quite ill.

There aren’t too many of us that like spiders, so whether they’re harmless or not, it’s safe to say that most of us would prefer that all varieties of spiders stayed well away from our home! Your local pest control expert can assist you with this by treating your home once a year to deter spiders. If you have young children or you’re frightened of spiders, annual spider control may already be your habit however there may be some more things you can do to make your home less inviting to spiders:

• Avoid storing or stacking things up against the outside walls of your home. You may have noticed that Red Backs in particular like to hide behind things. When you have a tidy up, clear these items, wear gloves and move items with caution.

• If you have a garage or shed, keep it tidy and clean – spiders like to build webs in between or behind items so stacks of boxes and unused items can be an ideal environment. Spiders seem to prefer peace and quiet so a nice dark, infrequently used garden shed makes the perfect home. Consider having a spring clean!

• Spiders eat other insects so taking steps to control other insect populations around the home may also help. If you have a problem with other insects, speak to your pest controller for advice.

• In between spider control treatments, consider using a surface spray in the areas you know spiders like to frequent.

• Ensure fly screens are properly fitted to your windows, and if you don’t have fly screens, consider investing in them – open windows and loose or torn fly screens are an easy entry point for spiders.

Spiders aren’t always easy to get rid of – they have millions of years of evolution on their side and appear to be quite intelligent! But persistence and diligence can pay off – keeping the area outside your home free from clutter, regularly cleaning behind outdoor furniture, and calling out the pest controller once a year will help to minimise the number of spiders you see around your home.

If you don’t want to be invaded by this summer, speak to us about spider control now.

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“Not all spiders are threatening or considered to be a pest but we realize that businesses need to keep their standards high! We’re always happy to improve the quality of your workplace, so call us up today.” – Bruce Gow