Bee Control Sydney

Are Bees or Wasps Nests a problem? Been trying all the day and can’t locate quickly in your area a bee catcher or even a bee-keeper?

We charge $250 in most circumstances to kill, remove or get rid of bees & wasps. For immediate fast action call us on 0417 251 911 or email Bruce at Our Bee Pest Control is safe,effective and reasonably priced.

How to Control Bees

Bees Swarming a house in Balmain, Sydney NSW

If you search the Yellow Pages under the category of “Beekeepers & Apiarists”, you may find someone to control bees without killing them, but they can be hard to contact, if multiple swarms are in the area. We are a specialist  Bee Nest Control company with the proper equipment & protective gear such as bee hoods, respirators, long leather gloves etc.

Bee Removal

Don’t try and remove them by yourself as it is dangerous without the correct gear and equipment.

The photos below are of an unusual bee swarm in Quakers Hill. Bees don’t usually land on grassy areas in the open.

If you look at the first photo, the bee hive is located on the far left side of the tree, about the middle. This home owner was really very lucky as she was out mowing the lawn, and she only caught sight of the bees at the very last moment.

I wasn’t as lucky and got stung by a bee that found an entrance under my protective gear. Ouch! The fruit is nectarines by the way.

Is YOUR home protected from bee swarms? Remember A1 Pest Control for your home’s complete bee and wasp pest control systems. Call today to find out more information with no pressure to order our services on 0417 251 911

Remember for immediate fast action call 0417 251 911 or

email Bruce at