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Pest Control Management


There is evidence from as far back as a century ago that proves people have been doing some form of pest control management for a very long time. It is the process where a wide array of programs addressing economic, health and environmental issues that are related to the control of pest populations.

Gardeners used synthetic chemicals to control diseases and pests without thinking about the negative effects. Humankind and wildlife have been exposed to large amounts of these chemicals.

In Australia there have been pest management techniques that are quite self-defeating in their results. For example the use of compound that kills both the insects and the predators of the insects, the end result will be that the insects will multiply because their main predators have been extinguished.

The imbalance created here usually favours the pests. The pests also build up resistance against the chemicals over subsequent generations. The uses of these methods mean that the pesticides will become useless over time.

There are proper disposal techniques that can be employed when dealing with pest management. The sad part is that most people do not dispose of the toxic by products of pesticides. The toxins then move into the drainage system and eventually find their way into the ocean. Our sea food becomes contaminated and they are fished and consumed by human beings. They basically end up back in our bodies.

Proper pest management is necessary if you do not want to consume food contaminated with pesticide by products. Most fresh food outlets and supermarkets check if the food that they have has pesticide residue. These tests would not pick up on small traces of organochlorine compounds.

It is important to use different pesticides on Australian pests. Studies have shown that the constant use of the same chemicals will make the pest build immunity against them. Chemicals that strengthen the pests’ immunity should be banned but sadly most governments do this once the damage is done.

Most Australian growers use pest management that relies heavily on insecticide use which has poor results. Commercial vegetable growers are back to using synthetic pesticides. Poor applications of the pesticide occur when the farmer wants maximum returns for crops. So they keep using them without strictly following the recommended withholding period.

The only sure way of not ingesting food with contaminants is to grow it yourself. There are many organizations that can provide guidelines on how to grow your own crops. Some of these companies include Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Australia (BDAAA), Organic Growers of Australia (BFA), Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) and National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.

Growing organic food needs serious commitment, organic produce is usually more expensive but it is worth it. If it is your health that you are concerned about then organic food is the best option. If you plan to use pesticides as a pest control method, be careful to follow the safety instructions. There is also the integrated pest control management method where it’s a mixture of herbicides and pesticides to get rid of pests.

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