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Pest Management for Commercial Premises

If you own or manage commercial premises, it’s likely that you’ll find it essential to have a pest management strategy. There are a variety of pests that can cause damage to buildings, spread disease, or simply make life miserable for those who frequent the premises.

If you’re responsible for arranging pest control treatments for the premises here are some of the most common ‘pests’ that you may need to manage:

• Termites: it’s widely known that termites can cause a great deal of damage to wooden structures in a relatively short time. Barrier treatments are recommended for some commercial premises, along with regular inspections to check for the presence of termites. If a barrier was installed at the time of construction, you’ll still require inspections and a chemical barrier will require refreshing every few years.

• Rodents: mice and rats aren’t just an unpleasant site for building occupants – they’re capable of spreading serious diseases. If you have food preparation or food storage areas in the building or commercial rubbish bins outside, mice and rats may be attracted to the area to feed and nest. Some sort of professional rodent control will be a necessity.

• Cockroaches: let’s face it – the presence of cockroaches makes a bad impression. They too are well known for their ability to spread disease and contaminate food.

• Flies and mosquitos: more disease carrying pests! While the presence of rubbish or food will attract flies, stagnant water nearby can provide a breeding ground for mosquitos. Both have the capacity to spread disease, in addition to making the premises unpleasant for those who need to be there. Simple measures to control these pests can include the use of fly or mosquito traps however, if a problem is severe, you may need to take other steps to deter these insects from the area.

• Spiders: if your property is near bushland or your have storage areas that aren’t regularly accessed or cleaned, you may find it necessary to add spider control treatment to your pest management routine!

In addition to arranging and scheduling the required treatments, your pest management plan should also include procedures for building occupants that may help to minimise particular problems – for example, the proper storage and prompt removal of rubbish from the premises.

A professional pest control firm that undertakes commercial treatments will be able to help you decide which pests are likely to be a problem and when and how often pest control treatments should be carried out.

For further information, or to arrange a consultation on commercial Pest Control Management, you can call Bruce Gow directly on 0417 251 911.

“Pest control is a central part to any commercial businesses annual protocols as it ensures the health and growth of your company! We’ve treated many commercial premises and have a stellar reputation for pest control. Don’t hesitate to get a quote from us today.” – Bruce Gow
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