A1 Pest Control Kenthurst, Sydney

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Are you after safe Pest Control? Kenthurst very close to our office (as we live in the Bella Vista area).  It has been our service location now for over 35 years. If you are worried about Termites, Bees, Spiders, Fleas Cockroaches or all types of Ants, rest assured we can help you out with non and low toxic treatments.

Kenthurst Road Sign


This a suburb of Sydney which is thirty-nine kms NW of the Sydney CBD in the local area of The Hills District. Kenthurst has a rural look to it, many homes have very large blocks of land with expansive homes.

It has it’s own shopping village, lots of child care centres and  schools, and even a rural fire service station (RFS), which is a voluntary organisation funded by the state government.

RFS Command Centre
RFS Command Centre

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