Efficient Pest Removal Services for North Rocks

Noticed something different about your home in North Rocks? Maybe you’re finding more bugs than usual, or your dog won’t stop scratching himself, or some nasty looking wasps won’t stop buzzing about? It’s never easy to admit you have a pest problem – even the tidiest households in the world can be impacted by pests of all kinds, and dealing with them yourself is often time consuming and can be quite expensive over time. If you’re looking to make sure your North Rocks home is free of unwelcome guests, make sure you choose A1 Pest Control to get the job done for you.

With 35 years’ experience in keeping homes pest-free across Sydney, A1 Pest Control are renowned as the local insect and pest removalists for all homes in the North Rocks region. We implement a range of modern pest control techniques such as thermal inspection cameras and other tools to easily locate white ants and termites, and pride ourselves on using low/nontoxic treatments as often as possible. For unparalleled customer service, value for money and simply for the most effective job possible, make sure you choose A1 Pest Control for all your pest eradication needs. Get in touch with us to book a visit for your North Rocks home today.

Our Pest Control Services

By implementing a wide range of treatments and pest removal techniques, A1 Pest Control can easily find a suitable pest removal solution for all your needs in North Rocks and surrounds. We offer a wide range of services to deal with termites and white ants such as fumigation, tree drilling and colony control, as well as services for other issues such as wasps, bees, ants, birds and fleas.

Through favouring low toxin or toxin free treatments as often as possible, we aim to minimise our environmental impact to let you get back to living in your house as quickly as possible. View our full range of services here.

Contact us for Pest Eradication in North Rocks Today

Whether you’re dealing with an infestation or a little niggle you just want gone from your North Rocks, Nelson, North Kellyville, Middle Dural, or Glenorie home, make the right decision, and contact us at A1 Pest Control to get the job done today!

List of Streets in North Rocks


Alderson Avenue, Altona Place, Andrew Place, Arizona Place, Arley Place


Baden Powell Place, Barcleay Road, Becky Avenue, Blackburn Avenue, Bokana Place, Bowral Street, Bray Court, Brenda Court, Burradoo Close


Cambridge Avenue, Carlton Road, Catlett Avenue, Charles Court, Coronet Court, Corunna Avenue, Cumberland Highway


Dale Place, Davidson Avenue, Devon Place


Eather Avenue, Ebony Avenue, Elm Place, Exeter Place


Glenda Place


Hackett Place, Hampden Street, Hancey Avenue, Hepburn Road, Highclere Crescent


Iona Avenue


James Ruse Drive, Jason Place, Jean Street


Larra Crescent, Law Street, Lawndale Avenue, Lenton Place, Leysdown Avenue, Loyalty Road


M2 Motorway, Mcdonald Street, Meckiff Avenue, Mill Drive, Mills Avenue, Montana Avenue


New North Rocks Road, North Rocks Road, Northam Drive


Panaview Crescent, Panora Avenue, Paragon Drive, Parkwood Place, Pembury Avenue, Perry Street, Peterson Place, Placeymouth Avenue, Poinsettia Avenue


Raine Avenue, Rajola Place, Randal Crescent, Regal Court, Renown Road, Richard Close, Riviera Avenue


Sandler Avenue, Somerset Drive, Sophia Crescent, Speers Road, Stratham Avenue, Stirling Avenue, Stratford Road, Sunset Place


Tallwood Drive, The Carriageway, Thorn Place, Tiernan Avenue, Treeview Place, Trent Road, Trueman Place, Tyson Place


Wanjina Place, Watts Street, Wentworth Avenue, Whitbread Place, William Place, Williams Road, Windsor Road, Woodbury Street


Yalding Avenue, Yale Close