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Looking for Pest Control? Kellyville Ridge is our neighbouring suburb (we live and operate in Bella Vista) and our service area for over 30 years. We have been successfully treating Bed Bugs, Bee Removal, Termites, Spiders, Cockroaches and Ants, all with low toxic treatments.

We are a proudly Australian owned and operated family business. Our team focuses on delivering excellent work that you can count on. Customer service is also a top priority and we won’t be happy unless you’re happy! Our General Pest Spray (Cockroaches, Ants, and Spider Treatment) also comes with a 6 month guarantee to ensure your peace of mind after booking in for a treatment.


Pest control is a service that many people put off until it’s too late and only book in once that wasp, bee, cockroach, or spider problem has gotten out of hand. We always encourage our clients to be proactive with regards to pest control – book it in before the problem is too vast to get rid of easily. A good example of this is an ant infestation that can develop into a serious problem within a few months with ants excavating soil around driveways and pavers or even setting up shop in your roof void or kitchen.

We’re here to help even if things have gotten out of hand. Our staff are all qualified, experienced, and determined to complete high quality treatments.

Call us today! We’ll get that pest problem gone before you start stressing about it.

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Your home or business could be protected by a trusted local firm. We are family owned & have survived in business by giving all of our customers what they are looking for, a reliable, trustworthy service at a reasonable price.