Pest Control Sydney

Article created by Bruce Gow
“We take care to employ only low and non-toxic chemicals to treat any pest control issue. You can rest assured that your family’s well being is our primary concern and we pride ourselves in professionalism.” – Bruce Gow and the A1 Pest Control team.

Environmentally Safe. We Care For Our Environment, You, Your Business and Your Immediate Family.

Fed up searching for an honest, reliable & safe company that charges fairly? We always have been successful at getting rid of cockroaches, spiders, ants, bees, and Bed Bugs in the Sydney metropolitan area now for over 38 years. The reasons behind our successes in pest control are simply great services in front of our rock solid warranties. This is a great recipe for our customer satisfaction.

Our Pest Technicians also give you protection against fleas, rats, bees, mice (rodents), bird lice (most wrongly called mites) or any other general pests.

Call us today up to 5pm on 0417 251 911, or email Bruce at for some friendly advice.

Spider Pest Control– The Sydney Funnel Web Spider

This spider is one of Australia’s largest and most easily identified. The female’s body is about thirty-five millimetres long & the male’s body length is about twenty-five millimetres. The spinnerets (the pointy bits at the bottom of the abdomen are the best identifiers. They are very long, much more so than other large black or dark brown spiders. The male of the species is a more slender build than that of the female, & has two unique features which may help non-experts with the identification.

The first is a little spur which is half way down the second leg on each side of the spider & the other feature is its finely pointed feelers. These are to transfer sperm over to the female.

An antivenom to the Sydney Funnel-web Spider first became available in 1980 and all Sydney hospitals currently have this antidote readily at hand.

Are You Coming to Live in Sydney?
Are you intending to buy a home in Sydney, NSW Australia? Think of our firm if you decide to purchase here.

We are your experts in pest inspections, accurate pest reports, thermal termite inspections and pre-purchase property inspections (PPI’s). We only use the very latest in technology to make sure that we delivery the most accurate termite inspections to you promptly.

Our finding, and recommendations will ensure your property or prospective purchase is safe from termite attack. If there are problem areas we will make competitive quotes for implementation and give you common sense recommendations for your property’s future protection from all timber pests.

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Alphabetical List of Main Streets in Sydney (NSW)

Albert Street, Alberta Street, Alfred Street, Art Gallery Road

Barrack Street, Bathurst Street, Bent Street, Bligh Street, Bond Street, Bradfield Highway, Bridge Street

Cahill Expressway, Castlereagh Street, Cathedral Street, Chifley Square, Clarence Street, College Street, Commonwealth Street, Conservatorium Road, Cowper Wharf Road, Cross City Tunnel, Cuthbert Street

Dalley Street, Day Street, Dixon Street, Douglass Street, Druitt Street

Eagar Street, Eastern Distributor Motorway, Elizabeth Street, Erskine Street

Farrer Place

George Street, Gloucester Street, Goulburn Street, Grosvenor Street

Hamilton Street, Harrington Street, Harris Street, Hickson Road, Hospital Road, Hunt Street, Hunter Street

James Street, Jamison Street

Kent Street, King Street

Lang Street, Lime Street, Liverpool Street, Loftus Street

Macquarie Street, Margaret Street, Market Street, Martin Place, Mrs Macquaries Road, Mullins Street

Napoleon Street, Nithsdale Street

O’connell Street

Park Street, Phillip Street, Pitt Street, Prince Albert Road

Queen’s Street

Rowe Street

Sands Street, Shelley Street, Sir John Young Crescent, Spring Street, St James Road, St Marys Road, Sussex Street, Sydney Harbour Tunnel

Tank Stream Way

Underwood Street

Wentworth Avenue, Western Distributor Freeway, William Street, Wilmot Street, Wynyard Street

York Street, Young Street