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Bed Bugs Everywhere!
By Ruan Van Zyl
Cimex lectularius, aka the Bed Bug, is a public nuisance and exhibits traits of agoraphobia and nocturnal activity. These insects are known for being host intimate – feeding upon the host’s blood – and their infestations being morally repugnant. Wherever Bed Bugs are present they represent a severe threat to the wellbeing and health of the occupant or homeowner.
Phoresy, or phoresis (Gk) implies “being carried”, and refers to a new strategy of dispersal whereupon a creature is transported to another location by means of hitching a ride on another animal while searching for food. The Bed Bug ecology and behaviour favours this means of travel highly, and often they’re not just hitching a ride on your pet but on your own personal belongings.  This means of travel is exploited by the bed bug in so many ways as people move their own belongings, or stuff, around frequently.
• Everyone likes having stuff
• Everyone likes their own stuff
• Everyone creates stuff
• Everyone purchases stuff
• Everyone chucks stuff away
• Everyone loses their stuff
• Some people have their stuff stolen
• Others often hoard stuff
• And some even store their stuff
• People import and export stuff
• Most people always want more stuff
• Some people can even “Fit 10kg of stuff into a 5kg bucket of stuff!”
As you can see you, your neighbour, and pretty much everyone else is at some point during the day in contact with belongings and things, stuff. As such it’s very important to know where bed bugs like taking refuge. The following list addressing most of the popular bed bug hideouts:
• Between magazines, loose cardboard, newspapers or piles of unused paper.
• Coat hangers
• Jewellery
• Wheel chairs or scooters
• The interiors of artificial limbs or prosthetics
• Skin folds, orifices and bandaged areas upon a person
• Cigarette packages
• Old cans or bottles
• On or around your pets’ paraphernalia, such as bowls/food and water dishes
• As well as on the body of your actual pet, check around their collar
A Bed Bug community in ideal circumstances can develop into a fierce infestation within no time making it much harder to counteract or exterminate. Contact us today by ringing 0417 251 911 to exterminate those bed bugs before they become a problem. Our bed bug treatments are comprehensive and we make use of a wide variety of treatments to allow you peaceful sleep.
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Gary and Carol Harman
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Melissa Topper
"A1 Pest Control exterminators where great! I'm very happy to say that they solved a bed bug problem that I had after we had visitors from overseas visit us. I would recommend A1 Pest Control to anyone needing a safe and effective treatment of bed bugs"
Amanda Wu
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