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Bed Bugs: The Facts


Most people, if not everyone, know OF bed bugs but they tend to know very little ABOUT bed bugs. This article will hopefully inform you a bit on the matter and help you to better equip yourself against this vile pest.

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The Basics:

Bed bugs are commonly found worldwide and although the seemed to decline globally throughout the 20th century they’ve recently started makin


g an aggressive return. To put this into perspective, the incidences of bed bug infestation have increase 5,000% since 1999!! That’s just over a decade and during that time infestations have dramatically and exponentially increased.

Bed bugs are completely wingless insects and on average measure 5-6mm as adults. Their colour resembles a rusty brown and can change to a richer red colour after indulging in a blood meal. During their juvenile stages the nymphs measure 1-4mm and throughout all stages of life they have a dorsoventrally flattened body which lends to their ability to hide in narrow cracks and crevices which makes them very hard to detect and treat.

Diagnosing & Treating a Bed Bug infestation:

It’s generally quite easy to identify a bed bug issue as they will tend to leave cast skins, hatched and unhatched eggs as well as the dead bed bugs’ remains.

As put forward by the Western Sydney Area Health Service and their Institute of Clinical Pathology & Medical Research fact sheet, consulting a licensed pest controller should be the first step in countering a bed bug infestation. To treat a bed bug infestation requires complete diligence and a thorough inspection if you hope to rid yourself of this pest completely. After a complete inspection has been performed a pest control would use a pesticide with a residual effect to ensure that the bed bugs are completely exterminated without hopes of re-infesting the property.

bed_bugs_factsheet2There are non-chemical alternatives which involve regular vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets and linens however, these treatments are often not comprehensive and will likely fail in eliminating the whole bed bug population. Thus we would advise using a firm like ours that only uses low-toxic and non-toxic steps in our bed bug treatment regimes. The synthetic pyrethroid we use is non fuming and the residual effects pose absolutely zero threat to children and pets! We can also supply bed bug mattress encasements which ensure your nights are peaceful and without any of these bugs feasting on your blood!

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Melissa Topper
"A1 Pest Control exterminators where great! I'm very happy to say that they solved a bed bug problem that I had after we had visitors from overseas visit us. I would recommend A1 Pest Control to anyone needing a safe and effective treatment of bed bugs"
Amanda Wu
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