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Black House / Black Widow Spiders

Badumn insignis


The Black House spider is widely distributed across both southern and eastern areas of Australia. They are commonly encountered in urban regions. Badumna group spiders are found across the whole of Australia.

Identification and Habits:

These spiders are dark and sturdy, measuring 1-1.5 cm in body length. Their carapace and legs range from dark brown to a complete black, while the abdomen is a charcoal grey shade with a dorsal pattern (white) upon their back, this is occasionally indistinct.

Their webs are constructed in an untidy fashion from lacy silk sheets with an entrance in the shape of a funnel. There is in some cases more than one entrance. These webs are found on tree trunks, logs, rock walls and in structures (found in window frames, crevices in walls etc.)

B. longinquus is a species that is slightly smaller and has a greyish carapace along with a grey-brown branded legs. Their webs are often built upon foliage.


They are known to be a timid species of spider. Therefore their bites are infrequent however the bite can be very painful and result in swelling around the bites. The bite is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, seating as well as giddiness in some cases.

First aid:

An Ice pack is a good start to relieve pain around the bite. Medical attention should be sought if symptoms persist.

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