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Exterminating Termite Infestation

There are a few types of pests which you can take on and handle by yourself but termites are not one of them. They are notorious for the difficulty and intricacy it takes to exterminate them once they’ve set up shop on your property or in your house, a single colony is capable of destroying an entire home and rendering it unliveable. The first step to follow if you are suspect of a termite infestation would be to have a professional inspect your premises, and if the expert does find termites it would be advised to undergo some form of fumigation. Sydney pest control specialists can conduct a variety of treatments which eradicate termites but each one will depend on the type of infestation and the extent to which it has spread.
Soil and Dirt treatments
Dirt treatments are generally incorporated to deter any termites from actually entering your property via mud tunnels by using a chemical known as a termicide which surrounds the premises of your structure or home. Termaticides are chemicals which are known to have properties which are toxic to termites and applying these to the dirt surrounding your house or building will essentially deter termites and kill them off if they try to bypass the treatment.
Termite baits
Baiting systems have been designed to eliminate termites by providing them with food which has been poisoned, this food is then carried back to their nests where it spreads throughout the colony and slowly kills off the whole nest. These baits are often a great way of monitoring termite activity however they are much more efficient when combined with another termite treatment as they are not always sufficient on their own to handle the infestation.
Termite dusting
Having a dusting treatment conducted in areas where termites are found to be feeding can be very effective in controlling an infestation but is not on its own a complete fumigation. Sydney pest experts will generally combine this treatment with one of the termite barrier protection and monitoring system.
Nest searches
If a nest of termites is found to be near your house or property it could be treated by mean sof pumping termaticide into the actual nest and killing all the termites inside. In this case it is important to keep in mind that there may very well be many nests within the areas and treating only one might not get rid of the whole infestation.
If you’ve recently discovered a termite problem it would be a good idea to contact a pest control expert at your earliest convenience to arrange an inspection and assert the severity of the infestation. This would then allow for the appropriate method of treatment to be determined amongst which experts often choose fumigation. Sydney pest controllers will regularly offer an approach which combines treatments, based on the termite species involved and the severity of the infestation.
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