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Fleas Fumigation


The most common type of flea found within the Sydney area are dog and cat fleas which infest dogs and cats across the globe. These vampiric bugs breed at a remarkable pace within Sydney’s lovely humid climate unless you intervene and interrupt their life cycle. Small flea infestations might very well be easily dealt with but, in the case of an extreme infestation of fleas, fumigation conducted by an expert might be the only option.
A distressing health hazard for you and your pets
Fleas are capable of living off cats, dogs and humans and they are an immense nuisance as well as a health hazard. The saliva of the flea is as such that it causes skin irritation when the host is bitten by the insect. And although it might seem that many pets are oblivious to fleas and might not seem disturbed, many pets’ suffer from severe irritation and itching due to these pests. As a result scratching these bites can lead to secondary skin infections. In some cases animals which have a severe sensitivity to the fleas’ saliva may develop allergy dermatitis, a distressing and severe reaction to flea bites. It is also known that fleas are capable of transferring tapeworm between animals, pets and their owners.
Treating flea infestations
There are mainly two different types of insecticides which are regularly used to treat pets for fleas: insecticides which remove the mature fleas, and insect growth regulators which exterminate the flea eggs. Experts suggest that often only 5% of the flea population is actually found on pets, the other 95% of the infestation is attributed to the fleas which are at an immature stage of their life cycle.
Pyrethrin or pyrethroid prodcuts are often used to treat different sections of your house that have become prone to flea infestation. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your house inside and out you can apply fumigation insecticides, taking into account that your pets bedding and areas such as kennels are areas prone to flea infestation and should be cleaned very thoroughly. Another popular do it yourself method is “flea bombing” which involves a treatment that eliminates fleas from indoor areas which can be completely sectioned off while the treatment does its work, however this method is rarely successful when areas are missed or there are high risk areas outside.
Call in the professionals
If you prefer consulting a licensed pest control expert to help you deal with the infestation then you it should be done promptly to handle the situation before the infestation develops. A fleas fumigation expert can treat both the inside and outside of your house with insecticides to eliminate cat fleas, dog fleas as well as their larvae which effectively interrupts the fleas life cycle. When combining professional flea treatments with regular thorough cleaning of one’s home and pets, preventing future infestation is a breeze.
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