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Flying Insects – Keeping Them Away From Your Business or Home

“I’ve been asked whether products which control flying insects are worth the investment and the answer is yes, but only when you know which products actually work!” – Bruce G.

We all know that flying insects are a huge nuisance and how annoying they can be when you’re hosting an event or BBQ outdoors. For restaurants, cafes and other food venues this issue is many times more frustrating! The presence of flying pests can really disgruntle customers and negatively impact your companies reputation in the long run.

Whether you’re dealing with mosquitoes or flies, guests and customers can become easily agitated and irked on your property. When dealing with flies most people are quite aware of the diseases these little pests spread as well as the fact that nothings more disgusting to a customer than seeing flies on food or near the food prep zone. And if you are enjoying an outdoor eating area you want your customers to have the same experience and remember the taste as well as the quality of their meal – you don’t want them to remember constantly swishing away flies as they had dinner!

Mosquitoes are by no means any better. They also spread diseases and with a large amount of people being sensitive to mosquito bites they are no less of a nuisance than flies.

Professional Control Solutions for Flying Insects

If you’re looking to take a professional approach to managing flying insects than there are a variety of effective products available. To control flies with ease a trap like “Vector Plasma” often does the trick. The strap of this product puts out more UV light than competitor products and thus attracts flies significantly faster. It also uses less energy than other models.

It can be pretty difficult to manage mosquitoes however, installing the Black Hole Mosquito trap makes a huge difference – your patrons or friends will be thanking you! The Black Hole Mosquito trap produces CO2 (carbon dioxide) as well as employing a black light. The carbon dioxide serves as a lure to nearby mosquitoes and sand-flies while the black light lures in flies and moths.

Controlling Flies and Mosquitos at Home

Mosquitoes and flies are often more of a nuisance in the home environment because of the amount of time we spend there – and what’s the use of having an outdoor area if you can’t enjoy it! Both products, the Vector Plasma and Black Hole Mosquito trap are great for suburban home owners, especially out in the yard. There are however a few things you can do that may be able to reduce the problem before investing in one of these:

  • Are you a pet owner? Make sure not to leave their droppings unattended for long as this is a definite fly lure.
  • If you currently have a compost pile somewhere in the garden you might consider buying a compost bin – another lure for flies is compost!
  • Keep stagnant water form building up in the bases of pot plants or other places in your yard after rain – mosquitoes breed in stagnant water.

If you need a little professional help to control flying insects, feel free to call us for advice or to order your Vector Plasma fly trap or Black Hole Mosquito trap.

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