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Fumigation Services – Pests
When should I arrange for a fumigation service?
If you are having problems with pests like cockroaches, mice, termites, or any others, fumigation services can help. It’s usually pretty easy to determine if you are having problems with pests, like a nest in your back yard from wasps, or insects in your pantry. However, sometimes and infestation may not be as easy to notice.
Pests tend to be discrete, so their behind the scenes work may be difficult to see without the help of a licensed pest expert, and professional fumigation services. Found below are many signs to keep a look out for when it comes to pests in the home
Signs of chewing on the legs of furniture in your home or food packaging
Droppings found, especially in food storage areas
Oily marks along the bases of your walls
Noises coming from the walls or roof, especially during the night.
Small holes in the lumber in and around your home
Hollow or honeycombed wood around the home
Mud tubes on the outside walls and basement. Termites use these tunnels for transportation
Dead cockroaches around the home
Cockroaches dashing behind furniture when the light in a room is turned on
Cockroach faeces in and around your home. It resembles black grit and is usually found near sources of food.
Bites on your arms and legs when you wake up in the morning
Rust coloured spots on your sheets or mattress
Dead skins from the bugs around your home
If you believe that you may have a problem with any of the pests mentioned, or any other pests, it’s time to arrange a professional inspection in order to determine the severity of the issue. Pests, especially termites, can cause serious damage to the structure of the home, which could become a very expensive problem if left untreated. Termites have been known to destroy homes in extreme cases. When you get a pest inspection, it can advise you on how to control and exterminate the pest in the most effective manner.
Professional fumigation services are the most effective ways to deal with pest problems. You want to be confident that you are treating them correctly, as some pests may return if not controlled the right way. Make sure you do it right the first time by checking with a pest professional. Call us on 0417 251 911 for a quote on any of these services in the Sydney area or contact us by email at
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