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Tips on getting rid of Bed Bugs, Turn up the heat!
By Ruan Van Zyl
Bed bugs are always actively seeking out humans to attack and as they are able to hide in the tiniest cracks and little holes it becomes essential to be as thorough as possible when identifying and treating any bed bug infestations. Bed Bugs are particularly susceptible too heat. Just 5 minutes under a 50C degree heat will kill them.
This makes it quite simple to treat any clothes, bed sheets or small objects with heat. Clothes which are able to undergo a tumble dry are easily chucked in the drier for a few minutes to destroy any bed bugs. If an infested item is too big then you can make use of a heat chamber, which are becoming more readily available these days.
There are other treatments available which allow the heating of your whole property/premises. This can become a bit complicated and the equipment is rather expensive if this is your only option. The advantage of using this treatment is the fact that there is no chemical residue after treatment. The most comprehensive treatment would make use of heat treatments and a chemical treatment to complement each other. Adding a silica dust will also speed up the process as the heat increases the susceptibility of the bed bugs to the dust. Unlike some chemicals the actual silica dust remains unaffected by the heat and promotes a very low toxicity level.
An alternative approach to getting termites hiding in cracks and crevices would be to make use of an appropriate liquid pyrethroid treatment. Whereas small voids, such as the hollow area beneath furniture legs or hollow beds as well as conduits or wall voids can be fogged using an appropriate ultra low volatile organic compound (VOC) esfenvalerate encapsulated formulation. It is recommended to compliment any pyrethroid treatment with another treatment as bed bugs are known to develop a resistance to pyrethroids in some bed bug communities.
There are more and more bed bug treatments and options being made available daily. Many of which can be completed using DIY methods. Though DIY is a valid option we would not recommend it as Bed Bugs can reinfest a property if even a few are missed in a DIY treatment, it is essential to completely sever the Bed Bug lifecycle in a treatment which is easily accomplished when employing a qualified and expert pest control company.
A1 Pest Control has been in the business for many years and owner Bruce Gow has more than 30 years of experience in pest control! Thus we now which treatments work and which are just puffs of air.
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