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Huntsman Spiders

Common Huntsman Spiders: Isopeda, Isopedella

Shield Huntsman Spiders: Olios

Tropical Huntsman Spiders: Heteropoda



Isopeda, Isopedella and Olios are found distributed across most of Australia. Heteropoda, is regularly found in the tropical northern areas.

Identification and Habits:

The Huntsman species is infamous for their ominous appearance. They are large and long legged (with legs that spread out to 15 cm across), their appearance is grey to brown and the legs are branded in some cases. The Common Huntsman Spider’s bodies are flattened, an adaptation to allow them to live underneath loosened bark.

Shield Huntsman Spiders are usually a fawn or grey on top while their legs are ventrally banded and have distinct colour combinations of white, orange, black and yellow beneath their abdomen (their “shield”). These spiders, as well as the motley brown, black and white patterned Tropical Huntsman Spiders have bodies that are less flattened and more rounded. They are commonly found underneath foliage, in leaf deposits and underneath bark. All species are known to enter houses on occasion.


A bite usually results in only transient pain localized to the actual bite. However, some of the bites from Shield Huntsman’s can cause a lingering or prolonged pain as well as inflammation, headache, vomiting and an irregular pulse rate.

First Aid:

Ice packs are a great way to relieve the pain surrounding the bite. Seek out medical attention if the symptoms are persistent.

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