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Misting and Fogging

“Misting and fogging are treatment systems which Bruce has always been fond of. They’re effective and offer great value to the client!”

Have you been researching information regarding misting and fogging systems for your home or property? Many of the smaller biting insects and mosquitoes can become a big issue for property, home and business owner in the Sydney region, especially during the warmer months. This is due to the fact that most people spend more time outdoors during the warmer months and as a result are often victim to the onslaught of bloodsucking mosquitoes which cause itching and irritation.

Most people will resort to household sprays, candles which deter mozzies as well as other insect repellents. Misting and fogging systems are another great alternative which can keep those damned mosquitoes away during the lovely spring and summer time.

What is a misting system?

A mosquito mister is a system which is specifically designed to combat and repel mosquitoes which reduces the chance of bites from mosquitoes as well as other smaller biting insects. These popular systems are usually placed in areas which are considered high risk as a mister is a very effective counter measure against mosquitoes. These systems consist of a set of tubes which propel the repellent which is toggled on and off via either a switch or a regulated timer to control the intervals at which the chemical is released.

What is a fogging system?

Fogging systems are employed in zones or areas of a property where the mosquito presence is very high. Areas that are severely humid or have large bodies of still / stagnant water are often infested with mosquitoes. The fogging system will release the chemical in a way which resembles a fine “fog” of insect repellent which will repel the mosquitoes and other flying insects. Fogging system come in two forms; the first is the thermal system which is appropriate only for outdoor use, the second is known as a cold fogging system and can be utilised both indoors and outside.

Installing a misting and fogging system

All misting and fogging systems consist of very complex equipment and the chemical agents utilised are often quite hazardous if used inappropriately. As such we would recommend only having a system installed by a qualified pest control specialist who has employed such systems before. Not only will they make sure that the system is installed properly but they can also make sure that the approved chemicals are used and delivered into the system correctly, avoiding any harmful chemical spills or leaks. They can also ensure that the timers are set at the correct intervals as well as accounting for any ventilation issues. When installing a system that sprays they also need to be placed a certain distance from any source of heat to avoid a hazardous scenario.

Each system should be installed as part of an integrated insect control system and as such it should factor the other systems in place as these would often have an affect upon a misting/fogging system.

A1 Pest Control is qualified and experienced in the field of systems installation and we can assist in putting together an effective misting and fogging system to curb any infestation you might have.

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