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Have you discovered a pest related issue at your house or work recently? Handling a pest problem can take a while depending on the severity of the process and will often involve a professional fumigation service and once this whole process has been conducted the last thing you want to think about is another infestation. Fumigation cannot guarantee against reinfestation but there are a few things you can keep in mind to set up your house to be more pest proof against any future invaders.
Take time to seal up points of entry
You can easily make your home more pest resistant by making an effort to seal up little gaps and cracks which allow for cockroaches and other smaller pests to gain access to your home. Periodically checking window sills and door frames for gaps and making sure there are no cracks and holes in your exterior walls is also essential. Also, make sure to check screens surrounding doors or windows for little cracks and tears.
Keep your house clean
Leaving rubbish around your house, whether indoors or outdoors, can attract pests such as rats, mice and insects. It is also a great idea to take care when removing potential sources of food such as crumbs and food as quickly as possible and keeping it in outside bins which are securely sealed. There more cluttered the rubbish is inside and outside your house the more likely you are to attract pests and the less likely you are to identify them before the problem becomes severe.

Get a pet
Look into getting a dog or cat, these pets are a strong deterrent against rodents such as mice or rats. They can smell predators and would be a lot more hesitant about your kitchen if they can sense a dog or cat prowling around. If you are unable to get pets due to a variety of reason you can look into buying pet urine sprays which would in essence mimic the presence of a cat or dog and can be very effective when sprayed at strategic points surrounding your premises.
Checking periodically for tell-tale signs of pest activity
When taking care of a pest related issue early detection is essential. If a fumigation services is called in early you might be able to prevent a minor infestation becoming a severe problem, saving you a lot of cash and time in the long run. Making sure to keep an eye out for the little tell-tale indicators of pest activity such as chewed wires, droppings, gnawed furniture and dead insects beneath cabinets or behind cupboards can save a lot of hassle when identifying an infestation.
If you currently suspect you have a pest infestation it would be a good idea to contact an expert to conduct and inspection at your premises and determine the severity and nature of the issue. A specialist conducting a pest fumigation service would also be capable of advising you on the best strategy to prevent reinfestation and methods to ensure your health stays clean, healthy and pest free.
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