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Pest extermination – Signs of rats

Evidence that you may have a rat infestation
Do you think you may have a rat problem? These pests can become quite difficult to spot on a larger property. Just because you see one rat around your home, does not always means there are more. It is usually hard to establish the severity of the situation. However, rat removal is an important solution to prevent disease. If you think you do in fact have a problem, or have spotted a nest, rat extermination should be done by a professional.
Contact with faeces, urine or food that they have eaten, can create a lot of different health problems for your family. These pests can also demolish home furniture and electrical cords. There can also be structural damage to your property because of rats. If you have a severe problem, rat exterminatoin may be your only solution to the problem.
These are signs that you may have a problem:
Rat faeces around your home, especially your kitchen and other food areas.
Seeing rats around your home.
Sounds coming from walls or the attic, especially during the night.
Chew marks on furniture or electrical wiring. Rats maintain their teeth by gnawing.
Chewed food packaging – Store food in plastic containers to prevent chewing.
Keep in mind that a rat invasion is not always evident in the beginning. They are good at being sneaky and staying hidden. They can also produce at a shocking rate. If you have any suspicions that there is an infestation around your home, be sure to talk with an expert immediately. Rat extermination is usually quite simple when done by a professional. A pest inspector will suggest the best solution for the problem. If you are in the Sydney area, call 0417 251 911 or email for advice and assistance.
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