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It can be very annoying to be besieged by fleas and quite difficult to get rid of them. If you are a pet owner you might actually have been bitten occasionally by fleas during the warmer summer months however, under a severe flea infestation the whole family can end up suffering from hours upon hours of itching and scratching. Whether you’ve experienced a flea infestation before or not it’s generally a smart idea to have your pet shampooed often with a recommended insecticide shampoo. And if you find yourself currently beset by a flea infestation you will probably need to look at professional pest extermination as your most efficient option. The cost of fumigation would usually amount to between AU$250 and AU$350 depending on how severe the infestation is.
In conjunction with having your pets treated and spraying the areas in your house which have been affected you also need to take precautionary measures to prevent them from returning. Pets often pick up fleas outside your home which is the reason why it becomes difficult to manage fleas and essentially get rid of them. It will be necessary for the outside areas of your property to be treated as well as the inside areas, making sure to keep your pets away from areas where your pets might become re-infested by fleas. As fleas have a very complex breeding cycle they are quite hard to exterminate. However it is well worth the cost of fumigation to get rid of them and to alleviate the irritation of flea bites, as well as the health problems that come along with them.
It is a good idea to prepare the carpets by vacuuming them and your lawn by mowing it to make it easier for the pest control expert to conduct the treatment and reach the soil to treat the area for fleas. Also make sure that any pets and children aren’t in the vicinity of the treatment. Taking into account getting your pets treated for fleas soon after your home is treated. It is also a good idea to either throw away or thoroughly wash your pet’s bedding before the treatment of your home is initiated as they are likely covered by fleas or their eggs.
Even if you don’t have any pets it is possible to have a flea infestation. If you’ve recently moved house or moved into a property where you’ve found fleas to be active it might be due to the previous owners having pets. It is also very possible to “inherit” an infestation of fleas months after the owners prior to yourself have moved as the fleas can lie dormant within the carpets waiting until their next source of food arrives. If this is the case and you have just recently moved into a new property it would be the best option to contact a professional to help you exterminate them.
The cost of fumigation is generally reasonable and affordable when you compare it to the constant irritation following the little bites during the night. Once you’ve had a pest control expert treat your household you will notice an improvement within a few days even though some of the more severe infestations could take up to a month before you find your house totally free of fleas. For professional assistance eradicating fleas from your Sydney home call Bruce on 0417 251 911 or email
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