Environmentally Safe Pest Treatments in Sydney.

Nasute Termites in Sydney

Environmentally Aware Pest Treatments

Are you concerned about dangerous pesticides in our environment? We certainly are! Only the safest insecticides are used by our firm, and only when there are no other non-toxic solutions around.

In Sydney, we are the experts in timber pest inspections, accurate pest reports, thermal termite inspections and pre-purchase property inspections (PPI’s). The latest technology in thermal imaging termite inspections is used in tandem with Termatrac to ensure that your property is absolutely safe from termites. We may also make common sense recommendations for your business and your property’s protection from all timber pests.

So if you are looking for a safe, reliable firm, we have a rock solid reputation in pest control. Sydney homes are at some stage liable to termite attack and the product that we recommend and use is called Termidor. It is Australia’s number one trusted brand for termite control. It has a proven track record of over 200,000 satisfied home owners over a ten year period without a single failure!

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