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The ‘How To’ of Termite Control in


If you discover termites on your

Sydney property, you need to get onto the problem promptly! Left untreated, termites can run right out of control, and cause untold damage to a property. You need to know how to apply termite control methods eliminate these pests from your place.

Termite control treatments

For a start, repellent products are not recommended. The fact that these are repellents means that termites can detect them, and they are smart enough to find a way to move around them.

Chemical barrier products

A better way than repellents is to use chemical barrier products such as Termidor, Premise or Biflex. These are environmentally-safe termicide treatments used at a low concentration. The treatments are applied in areas of termite activity and travel, and as the termites cannot detect them, they pick up the termicide substance on their bodies and carry it back to the nest. The feeding and grooming habits of termites result in the termicide being spread to the whole colony. Depending on the product used, chemical barriers can take a little time to eradicate the colony. Termidor is one of the most effective, having been shown to exterminate a colony in as little as a few weeks.

Baiting stations

Termite baiting stations are another method used by pest controllers. The stations contain timber baits that attract the termites and cause a toxic reaction, although they may work more slowly than chemical barriers. Baits may be suitable for smaller infestations or in cases where other methods are not practical or feasible. They may also provide a good preventive measure to add on top of a full treatment program.

The ‘how to’ of termite control using a preventive strategy

Good termite control may also involve removing timber stacks and old tree stumps from the property, clearing away pooling water, and ensuring you have good sub-floor ventilation. Termites love warm, moist conditions and lots of cellulose to feed on. If that cellulose comes in the form of untreated timbers in your building, then without a prevention and treatment plan in place you may be a ripe target for termite activity!

Get professional help for your termite problem!

It’s important to note that only licenced pest controllers have access to the most effective termite treatments. Over-the-counter treatments are not recommended and the problem may end up costing you more in the long run! If you want to eliminate termites completely and for the long-term, you should call a professional pest controller who has the required expertise and access to the best treatments.

At A1Pest Control, our pest extermination methods are thorough, professional and environmentally safe. We also make use of the latest in termite detection technology which enables us to avoid hit-and-miss, and to accurately target the problem. For more information on how to do termite control in

Sydney, call us on 0417 251 911.

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