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Are you after information about Sentricon termite bait used to control termites and other insect pests? Ridding a property of termites, ants, and other common pests is easier said than done, with many over-the-counter products treating only the visible parts of the infestation. Unfortunately, superficial treatments mean that the termite or ant colony continues to grow and expand, with the infestation able to continue unabated.

Professional pest control agencies are licensed to use a variety of high-grade pest control products in their efforts to deal with ant and termite infestations. These products are designed to be wide-reaching and hard-hitting, and can be effective in dealing with the most challenging of infestations. One common product in the pest controller’s arsenal is Sentricon. This product comprises two key components: the Above-Ground Termite Bait and the In-Ground Termite Bait. Together, these products are designed to deal with termite populations that have made their home within a structure, or within areas such as soil or trees.

The product is designed to be simultaneously palatable and toxic to ants and termites. This means that pests are attracted to the product, and are inclined to ingest it. However, ants or termites that ingest the product become affected by its toxic component. When they return to the colony, they contaminate other ants or termites, spreading the product throughout the colony. Over time the entire colony may be destroyed.

How much bait is required is dependent on the size of the colony

A very large colony will typically take longer to destroy, and will require more bait. New colonies become susceptible to the product much more quickly. Usually the process takes around six months in total, but because the product is so effective in destroying the entire ant or termite colony, the application is usually a one-off. A professional pest controller will monitor the colony throughout the process to ensure that the Sentricon application process has been effective.

In addition to its effectiveness, there are a number of other reasons why this product is so popular. First, it’s easy to apply, with the application process typically quick and easy, and mess-free. It’s also eco-friendly, and is low-risk to both humans and animals, making it a good choice for households with children or pets. It’s also low-risk to the pest controller, who is able to avoid contact with the hazardous chemicals found in some other pest control products.

Sentricon is a cost-effective and useful solution to widespread ant and termite infestations. For more information about managing your termite or ant infestation, don’t hesitate to contact us Bruce on 0417 251 911

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