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Termite Baiting

Are you looking for information about termite baiting? Termites are a significant issue for Sydney home and properties, and are in fact one of the most common causes behind property damage in the country. Because termite colonies often go undetected until they have caused visible problems with a property, they can be a serious problem for property owners—particularly since home insurance doesn’t cover termite damage.

One popular way of dealing with termite infestations is termite baiting. This process involves attracting termites to a particular area, and then treating them with a specially designed insecticide. The affected termites do not die immediately, but return to their colonies. In doing so, they infect the other members of their colony with the toxin they have ingested. Over time, this results in the death of the termite colony. Baiting is one of several solutions to dealing with termites, and is often used when other treatments are not viable. For example, baiting can be a good option where using standard termiticides may pose a threat to the environment, such as in areas near water, when pesticides cannot be used, or when barrier treatments, treatments designed to stop termite infestations occurring, have been unsuccessful.

Termite baiting should only be performed by a licensed pet controller, as termite dusting often involves the application of chemicals and toxins that may not be used by other individuals. In fact, many over-the-counter processes for baiting termites are designed only to determine whether termite colonies are present on the property, rather than to destroy these colonies. Professional pest controllers are able to oversee the entire process of identifying, assessing, and dealing with a termite infestation, so it’s in your interest to invest in a pest control inspection sooner rather than later.

There are currently several different types of termite baits available on the market. These vary in their application process, their toxins and active ingredients, their effectiveness, and how environmentally friendly they are. Not all termite baits are appropriate to a given property, and a professional pest controller will be able to advise about which product is likely to be most effective for your household’s needs. For example, factors such as whether you own pets, or whether the infestation is within the home or outside the home may affect the type of termite bait chosen.

Termite baiting can be an effective solution to dealing with a termite infestation, but is best discussed with a professional pest controller who can advise you about whether it is the most appropriate method of dealing with your termite problem.

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