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 Termite Control Cost
“Termite control is a particularly expensive treatment process and I’ve had many people ask me why the costs are so high. Have a look at this article and you’ll find out why!” – Bruce Gow

So, why so much?

If you’ve had a few quotes for termite control, or been scouting around online, you may have been a little shocked by the termite control cost. One reason the termite treatment price may surprise you is that to the layman, the matter of controlling termites appears no more difficult that any other pest control treatment – and yet the cost of termite control is generally in the range of $2000 – $4000.
When you understand what is involved in the process of detecting and successfully controlling termites, the investment in termite protection for your home will appear much more reasonable. In fact, your quotation may represent exceptional value.

Here are some of the factors that may affect the quote for your property:

Part of the cost relates to detecting the locations of termites in an around the home, identifying the species, and giving due consideration to the area soil type and other factors to determine which method and product is appropriate.
The quotation outcome will also depend on the products being used by the pest controller. Good pest control experts in Australia will use the latest, most effective and safest options for controlling termites. These products tend to be more expensive than outdated products, so it stands to reason that the termite control cost reflects this.
Modern chemical barrier treatments like Termidor are believed to be substantially more effective for many infestations than cheaper baiting systems, so the type of control employed against the termites will also be reflected in your final cost.
Prices will also vary according to the size of the property that requires treatment and the ease of access for the pest control operator.

Why it represents outstanding value

Pest controllers who apply effective treatments and are confident in their work often offer a 5 year guarantee if you continue to have regular inspections during that period – so rather than offering 6-12 months protection, effective treatments tend to last for many years.
Therefore, if your termite treatment is $2000, the actual expense is only $400 per year plus inspections.
Now, let’s look at the value of that $400 a year. To start with, it’s probably less than your annual home insurance – and that’s an important point because your home insurance won’t cover termite damage.
Another component of the value that may be incorporated into your termite management is this – professional pest controllers have access to liability insurance that protects them financially in the event that you suffer termite damage despite treatment and need to recover the cost of the damage through litigation.

Is your investment now starting to look more reasonable?

Of course, to ensure that the termite control cost for your property is value for money, you’ll want to be sure that you engage a licensed pest controller who uses quality products and guarantees their work.

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