What to Look for When You Find Termite Damage in Your Home
There are over 350 species of termite found in Australia. Less than ten of their species will ever attack the timbers in your home. Most termites prefer grasses or rotten wood inside trees & logs.
Why Termite Damage Easily Goes Unnoticed
See the video (below) to find out just how inconspicuous termite damaged timber can look! Most of the instances where termites have damaged timber it goes unnoticed for weeks or months before the damage is obvious. Termites are masters of disguise and you need a keen eye to find them! Not to mention the Thermal Imaging camera that A1 Pest Control uses to make it easier to detect them.

By far the most timber destroying termites (or often incorrectly known as white ants) are the subterranean termites.

We’ve created this page to give you real life examples of what termite damage would look like and where it can occur. All videos are form properties we’ve inspected or treated for termite infestation. Termites are probably the most serious pest that Australia has and they are capable of wreaking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage within the spam of a few short months!!
Here is an example of Termite Damaged Timbers in Sydney.

Termites are commonly found in subfloors and love getting through the bearers so its no surprise that we found a lot of termite damage in this bearer. It’s important to note that ANT CAPS are NOT termite preventative measures and only ASSIST in the termite detection process. The way the ant caps work is by forcing termites to go around and over the actual metal capping as opposed to channeling along the brickwork which can make it much harder to detect them. (see second video below for a shot of termite mudding around an ant cap.

Termite Damaged Stump (Hollowed Out)

Termite Damage Stump/Termite Nest in Stump

Termites Found in Another Stump! They were attacking the nearby home structurally.



Termite Damage to Bearers in the Subfloor:

Termite Mudding / Tracking Atop Pier in Subfloor:

Termite Damage to Walls (coptotermes):

Termite Damage to Door Frame and Wall:

Termite damaged timbers in garage

Termites will thrive on moisture sources close to their food source, so it is hardly surprising that these termites were gaining entry from a moist area outside of the garage, which the owner was actually watering to “drown” the termites that he knew were damaging timbers of his garage. Here is a short video from the outside of the garage where they gained entry.

Arboreal Termites
These are termite nests in trees. They will mostly eat grass, leaves and sometimes the structural timbers of houses.
They are mainly Coptotermess, Schedorhinotermes and Mastotermes (only found in the Northern Territory)
The chances if you live in Sydney Australia of your home being attacked by termites is very high.
in other words, as from last year (2014), a massive one third of home owners had some level of termite damage.
When you consider that less than 20% of homes are actually inspected by competent inspectors, that is a lot of apathy!
The White Ant Damage Bill.
Archicentre reports that in Australia, the annual damage to home owners is over $1billion. The average cost of a termite treatment is around $3,500 and the cost of repairs may be from $20,000 to over $80,000.
Looking away from the treatment cost and timber repair bills, there is often the loss of sales of your home from prospective buyers.
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