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Getting a Termite Estimate

“Why is termite control so expensive?” I’ve answered this question many times and it comes down to: “The property and infestation in question determines the cost of a termite treatment.” – Bruce Gow. 

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Termatrac tracking termites
Technician using Termatrac to track termites


Are you about to get a termite estimate for treatment of your Australian home or property? Perhaps you already have a quote or two, but before you ring the closest pest controller you (and your home) might benefit from these tips on which pest controllers to approach, what to look for in a treatment, and how to compare one quote against another. Here are a few factors to consider:

The cheapest price may not be the best choice. If the pest control operator offering the inexpensive quote has no termite related qualifications, the chances are he or she hasn’t received significant training in termite identification, termite control methods, or locating termite colonies.

Ask the pest controller providing the estimate if he or she holds a termite related qualifications – in addition to their pest control qualification.

Locating the termite colony that is feasting on your home offers the best chance of averting further damage and reducing the risk of future termite infestations.

Some pest controllers may be more diligent in the search than others, so their termite quotation may be higher.

Is the pest controller prepared to search the property and check nearby trees that may be housing a termite colony? A very cheap quote may suggest they aren’t.

What is the proposed method of treatment? An estimation from an expert who uses only the best available products and most effective treatment types is likely to be higher that of a termite estimation from an operator who is using old products and methods.

A treatment with quotes for treatment with a highly regarded barrier product like Termidor will likely be higher than a termite estimate that quotes for termite baiting.

Does the Pest Control firm guarantee the treatment for several years? That suggests quality products and confidence in their inspections and treatment programs.

A termite expert that uses quality products, is diligent in the search for termite colonies, and in applying treatments, is likely to have greater expenses and spend more time at your home than other operators so the estimation may be higher.

While a very cheap quote should be viewed with some suspicion, the most expensive termite quote isn’t automatically the best.

When it comes time to get a termite estimate, do shop around – but don’t do it with a view to finding the cheapest possible price. Instead, look for the investment that represents the best value by offering effective treatment by a skilled and diligent termite control expert.

Nasute termites in wall cavity
Nasute termites in wall cavity


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