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Termite Evidence

What to look for and where



“I never know what to look for when I’m looking for signs of termite infestations.” A question Bruce Gow has heard many times! So I decided to write up this article to help you get more familiar with signs of termite presence.

Have you spotted something unusual in your home or garden and you suspect termites? Perhaps you just want to know a little about termite evidence so you can keep an eye out for termite activity on your property.

The problem with termite damage is that often, by the time you spot it the termites have been feasting for a while and damage has already occurred. Of course, the more you know about termite evidence, the more likely you are to identify the problem at the earliest possible stage. If you’re on the hunt for termites, here are some of the things to look out for.

Termite Evidence in the Home

Termites do their best to remain undercover while they’re eating. They eat wood from the inside out which means that generally, you won’t see termite evidence in the form of chewed timber on the exterior of woodwork. The signs of termite infestation you might see includes:

  • Blistering paint or a discolouration that has the appearance of water damage is sometimes an indication of their presence. Where there are termites, there’s moisture – termites use saliva to build their tunnels and while eating.
  • Wood that appears to be ‘sinking’ under pressure – the interior of the wood may have been hollowed out, compromising the structure, and is almost certainly a sign of infestation.
  • Mud tubes, sometimes referred to as ‘leads’ – these are built by termites (using saliva and soil) as a means of safe travel. Definitely something to worry about – but not always indicative of a current infestation.
  • Damaged wood that has a honeycombed appearance has been eaten by termites.

You may find termite evidence under your home, in the roof space, in storerooms or even disused cupboards. Areas where a water leak has occurred are good places to look too as moist wood attracts termites.

External Signs

Outside the home, termite activity may be more difficult to spot, particularly if the termite colony is not on your property – however, damage may be visible where termites are entering, for example, on the exterior walls, through cracks, door frames or near window frames.

What sort of termite activity will you see? Most often, you’ll spot tiny mud tubes rising from the ground and entering through the crack or entry point.

Termite signs might also be found in the garden – check wooden fence posts, logs used in landscaping, tree stumps and tree bases, heavily mulched areas and wood piles.

If you’ve found signs of activity on your property, it may not indicate a current problem – a previous infestation may have been successfully treated, and the termite evidence not removed or destroyed.

However, when you do find evidence but don’t see any termites, it’s wise not to assume that it’s old damage. If termites were disturbed they may have departed temporarily. If you have found worrying signs of infestation on your property, call a termite control expert and arrange an inspection for your peace of mind.


  • Does the termite inspector guarantee the treatment for several years? That suggests quality products and confidence in their inspections and treatment programs.
  • A termite expert that uses quality products, is diligent in the search for termite colonies, and in applying treatments, is likely to have greater expenses and spend more time at your home than other operators so the termite control quote may be higher.
  • While a very cheap quote should be viewed with some suspicion, the most expensive termite quote isn’t automatically the best.
  • When it comes time to get quotes, do shop around – but don’t do it with a view to finding the cheapest possible cost. Instead, look for the termite estimate that represents the best value by offering effective treatment by a skilled and diligent termite control expert.

So how do you know if there are termites in your home and what does it cost to get them eradicated?

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