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Termite Removal

Termite Removal for Suburban Australian Homes

“Most Sydney property owners will encounter termites at some stage in their lives. Knowing how to take care of them is invaluable!” – Bruce Gow
Do you have termites on your property? If they’re already in your home, you’ll want to speak to your local termite control expert about termite removal at the earliest opportunity.
As small as they are, termites can quickly cause damage that may cost you thousands to repair – potentially much more than the cost of the termite removal! If you’ve found termites on your property, arranging termite removal before they get to your home makes good sense.
And if they’ve already arrived, then prompt termite removal may minimise the damage.

What’s involved in termite removal?

There are a number of approaches to termite removal. Which method of termite removal is appropriate for you home or property will, in part, depend upon the species of termite involved in the infestation, the location of the termites, and the severity of the problem.

Termite removal isn’t as simple as spraying to poison the termites that are found and deter others. That’s because they eat wood from the inside out and are rarely in view.

Subterranean termites

The most likely species involved in a suburban termite infestation in Australia – gain access to your home via underground tunnels and mud tunnels they build to travel to and from your home.
Their home – called a colony – is usually some distance away: so termite removal necessarily involves more than a quick spray to kill off the termites currently present.
Termite removal from the home isn’t sufficient as other termites from the colony can still invade your home. Therefore, the approach to subterranean termite removal favoured by most termite experts is one that aims to kill off the colony.

How is this achieved? A common approach to subterranean termite removal is dusting in the infested area (or using baiting boxes to attract and dust the termites) with a termite removal product that won’t immediately kill off the termites upon contact – instead, the termites carry the poison back to the colony. This method of termite removal can be highly successful thanks to the termites’ grooming habits, and the fact that when the infected termites begin to die, other termites eat them, also ingesting the poison.

This termite removal strategy is often combined with placing a chemical barrier in the soil around the home. Modern chemical barrier products perform a similar function – the termites cannot detect the chemical so rather than avoid the barrier, they cross through it, picking up the poison and returning it to the colony. The termite removal is gradually accomplished and the termite colony is reduced or eliminated.

Can termite removal be done by the home owner?

Termite removal should always be undertaken by a professional. Not only are termites difficult to locate, but some chemicals commonly used for termite removal can only be applied by a licensed pest controller. If you require termite removal services, contact your local termite control expert for advice.

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