Coopex Dust

Coopex Dust is very effective against Subterranean termites (Coptotermes spp) in trees & stumps
in urban areas of Sydney, NSW.
To treat termites in this situation, use up to 250 g per tree. Upon locating a termite nest in a tree or stump, drill 3-4 holes with a maximum diameter of 12 mm. More holes and dust may be needed for larger trees.
A cockroach puffer may be used, or apply dust directly to the nest using a CO2 gas cylinder & a trigger gun.
After having this treatment, holes in the tree should be coated carefully with fungicide, eg copper naphthenate. Pascall’s “Stop Rot” is recommended. Then seal with Selley’s “Caulk in Colours” or another appropriate caulking compound.
Coopex Dust is effective against all commercial and domestic insect pests by reaching hard to get at areas, and giving up to 6 months long-term protection. It is very potent in attacking the insect’s nervous system and is one of the least hazardous insecticides to use around humans.

Coopex Dust leaves no permanent residue and degrades in the environment. Coopex Dust is the leading product of its type in the pest control market place. The high quality formulation ensures consistent application and results. It is ideal around electrical equipment and on surfaces that would absorb a spray.


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  • Up to 6 months long-term protection
  • One of the least hazardous insecticides
  • No permanent residue – environmentally degradable
  • Low application rate
  • Cost effective