Looking for information about Premise, a popular and effective professional solution to pest infestations? Termites, ants, and other small pests can be a headache to the home or property owner. Despite their small size, they’re known for causing all manner of problems to a building and its contents. Termites pose a significant threat to the structure of a property, while ants can contaminate food stores. However, a homeowner’s efforts to deal with an ant or termite infestation are often only partially successful. This is in part because these efforts fail to get to the source of the infestation, and also because home owners are worried about the impact of pest control products on the environment, and on the household’s residents and pets.

Premise is a popular solution to dealing with small pests in part because it is known for its very low toxicity. The product is a ‘low hazard’ product, and represents very low risk to humans and their pets, including dogs, cats, and small mammals. It’s also water-based, making it environmentally friendly, and is low-odour. This means that the product, when applied, does not cause fumes or other residues to be emitted into the air. This feature differentiates it from a number of other pest control products, and makes it a popular choice for home-based pest-control.

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Premise has been used for more than five years in Australia, and has been found highly effective in termite control, with long-term efficacy that keeps termites at bay. It’s often used as a barrier product to reduce or eradicate nearby termite populations that are attempting to enter homes. Because the product cannot be detected by termites, they aren’t repelled by it. This means that the termites are encouraged to enter the areas treated by the chemical, rather than avoiding these areas, which is a common issue with many other termite control products. Because such products repel termites, the termites simply skirt around the termite barrier until they find an unaffected area. This doesn’t happen with Premise.

The product is highly effective in killing termites, even in low doses. Those that aren’t killed become ill as a result of the product. These affected termites typically return to the nest, contaminating the other termites and destroying the termite colony. Research into the product has found that termite colonies typically do not return to the treated properties, with these properties remaining free from termites for up to seven years.

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