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Are you looking for Pest Control? Winston Hills has been our pest service area for over 35 years. Our firm is located at 33 Bella Vista Drive Bella Vista. We have always been a family owned firm and have survived in the industry by giving all of our clients exactly what they are after, a trustworthy & reliable service at a great price.

This area is known for Termites, Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Bees, Termites, (white ants), Mice & Rodents. Low toxic bee control and removal is one of our specialties. As large gum trees may contain termite colonies, it makes sense to arrange for your home to get checked by our expert technicians at least every 12 months to lower your home’s risk to timber damage.

Regular termite inspections are recommended for this area as well as a low toxic termite treatment for protection against timber pests.

It is located not far west of the Parramatta CBD. This suburb is located 28 kms west of Sydney CBD in the LGA of the City of Parramatta & is part of the hills district Sydney region.

Britain’s Prime Minister Mr Churchill gave his name to this suburb with the name being preferred to the original choice of Churchill Hills. Earlier, “Model Farms” (a local high school) was the area model farms were developed to show the settlers the types of crops which could be grown within different seasons.

You may have seen our spider and termite display on show at the shopping centre.  We were just across from Coles with Spiderman guarding the display of large spiders and beetles from around the world. In Winter around 2017 we plan to return, so loo out for “Spidey” and the A1 team!

Winston Hills Shopping Centre Spider Display

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