About Us

Bruce Gow was the founder of www.bestpest.com.au, today part of the largest privately owned company in Australia.

Over 40 years ago he started off with an old ute and equipment and built up the business to eight new utes, servicing satisfied clients all over Sydney NSW.

Several successful shopping centre displays around the Sydney metro areas established a strong database always focusing on customer service, precise application of low/non-toxic solutions to pest problems and environmentally aware safety and OH & S procedures.

The new firm became A1 Pest Control and is well known by providing great customer care. This is always done safely, reducing chemical exposure with a wide range of economically sound pest control techniques. These techniques are not only extraordinarily successful in controlling pests, but are also low risk, making minimal impact on our environment.

After choosing our termite expert, your home or business may now be inspected using the very latest technologies; a Fluke Thermal inspection Camera

Once protected by A1 Pest Control, your business or home be free of nuisance and unhealthy pest problems.

Feel free to contact us any for pest or termite advice on 0417 251 911 or send us a message.