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What is The Best Method for Control of Termites?

Termites are not the sort of creatures you can spray with insecticide. In fact to do so may make matters worse! For effective and long-term control of termites you need a multi-pronged approach, and this requires the expertise of a professional pest controller.

Start with an inspection

To determine the most appropriate treatment, your termite eradication plan needs to begin with a professional pest inspection. This may involve a visual inspection of the property and / or one that involves the use of specialist equipment, such as a thermal imaging camera and a moisture meter. Once a thorough inspection has been done the inspector will then be in a good position to determine the most appropriate solution.

Termite treatment options

Various methods can be utilised for termite control, such as:


A chemical termicide barrier such as Termidor. Chemical barriers are spread to the colony when termites pick up the termicide on their bodies and carry it back to the nest. In some cases it may be necessary to apply chemical barriers around the building, which involves pressure-injecting the substance into the soil at around 50mm below the top of the footings.


Dusting products applied directly to the nest in trees or tree-stumps, such as Coopex Dust. This works by attacking the nervous systems of the termites, causing demise of the colony over time.


Toxic baits such as Eflex or Sentricon, which are placed at intervals around the outside of the building. These can take up to 6 months to fully work, and may be used in conjunction with a chemical barrier.

How much does control of termites cost?

A full treatment plan could cost up to $4,000, depending on the methods and treatments involved. If the treatment involves digging trenches or cutting and drilling into concrete, or if access is poor as in the case of a low sub-floor, then the treatment is going to be more expensive. Termidor is also more costly than other types of chemical barrier treatments, but its effectiveness makes it well-worth the extra cost.

Is termite treatment really necessary?

Yes! Termites have the capacity to reproduce quickly and the ‘worker’ termites will go on the hunt for food. They can chew their way through a home very quickly causing untold damage, even to the point of structural degradation. If you are going to put a control and prevention plan in place, it needs to be thorough and not a quick-fix.

Where can I access the best termite treatments?

At A1 Pest Control, we believe in being very professional and thorough in all we do. We also use the latest in termite-detection technology, and only use environmentally-safe products that will not harm you, your family, your pets or your garden. For the best treatments for control of termites in

Sydney, call Bruce today on 0417 251 911.

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