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How to Control Termites on Your Sydney Property

If you discover termite activity on your property it’s time to get out the big guns! Over-the-counter home treatments may cost less than if you called a professional pest controller to do the job for you, but they are likely to provide short-term results only, and it may all cost you more in the long run. If you want to know more about how to control termites, read on for an overview of treatments used by the professionals, along with some termite-prevention measures that you can take yourself to avoid re-infestations.

‘Premise’ termite barrier

Premise is a water-based, low-hazard, low-odour pest control solution. A chemical barrier such as Premise used in areas of termite activity is more effective than a termite repellent, in that on encountering repellents termites learn to simply go around them. Premise is not detectable to termites, which means that they have no choice but travel through it and then carry it back to the nest. The social habits of termites result in the substance spreading through the whole colony, causing its demise. In addition, studies show that termites are reluctant to return to a property that has been treated with Premise for several years.

‘Biflex’ Aqua Termicide

Biflex is a water-based low-toxic insecticide that can is useful for eliminating several types of pests as well as termites – including ticks, cockroaches, wasps, and ants. It is used at very low concentrations as an undetectable, invisible chemical barrier for termites or other pests that will not cause harm to your soil or garden.

‘Termidor’ – the ultimate termite ‘big gun’!

Termidor has been used in Australia since 2002 and is considered to be one of the most effective termicides around. It is used at very low concentrations and has no harmful effect on plants or soil micro-organisms. Termidor works very quickly, and studies have shown it to be extremely effective in completely eliminating termite activity within a matter of a few weeks.

How to control termites using preventive measures

To prevent being re-infested with termites, you might need to take some preventive measures. These may involve clearing shrubs from near your building, removing old tree stumps, getting rid of rubbish from under your home, clearing away old timber stacks, improving sub-floor ventilation if necessary, repairing leaky taps and pipes, and / or placing physical barriers in walls and under the house. It may also involve using some strategically-placed termite baits around your property.

Call in the professionals!

A professional pest-inspector will be able to detect termite activity, offer solutions for eradication, and provide advice on preventive action.

At A1, we believe in using only the latest, the safest, and the best in termite treatments, and we can also help you take steps to prevent a recurrence. For more information on how to control termites, call Bruce at A1 Pest Control on 0417 251 911.
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