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Pictures of Termites Sydney, Australia

“Many clients of ours are often confused about what termites look like and how to identify them. Often they won’t see them at all as they are well concealed inside their workings and loathe light. Very rarely are they exposed outside of their workings and timbers, excepted when they are disturbed.  I wrote this article to help people properly identify what termites (sometimes known as “White Ant” look like and how we treat them.”

Roughly how many native or indigenous termite species are there extant in Australia?

There are a lot more species than most laypersons would realise. Roughly of the 360 species of termites currently in Australia, of these only about 10-15 are of economic importance. Source: “Termite Biology and Ecology”. Division of Technology, Industry and Economics Chemicals Branch. United Nations Environment Programme.

There are 3 main ecological groups of termites in Australia:

Subterranean, Drywood, & Dampwood termites.

The termite family Kalotermitidae are commonly known as Dampwood Termites. They are seen in most homes, except if there are very wet timbers leading from the exteriors or sub-floors of Australian properties.

The termite families of Rhinotermitidae and Termitidae, commonly known as Subterranean Termites are more prevalent and are very common throughout rural and urban areas.  They will normally live in the soil and spread out in random searching for timber to consume and take back to their nests.

Subterranean Termites


Dampwood Termites

Porotermes Adamsoni
Neotermes insularis

Drywood Termites


Below are pictures of termite soldier caste heads of the important species that attack building structures in Australia.

Termite Soldier Heads

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Termite Inspections

If you are required to have a building inspection when buying or selling homes, we provide concise pest reports, termite reports and advise you on protection against TERMITES. Coptotermes Soldier

We also consult to other timber inspection firms for problem jobs that have undertaken certified inspection reports that haven’t picked up problems because of lack of access.

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Termite Life Cycle


Heads of Termite Soldier Castes


Differences between ants and termites

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