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Is Your Termite Control Technician Really an Expert?

“After being in the pest control business for over four decades I’ve come to notice that pest controllers aren’t made ‘experts’ by the equipment they have, though it does play a part, the most important factors are covered in this article.” – Bruce Gow

Most homeowners are accustomed to arranging periodic inspections for termites, while about one in three homeowners may one day find themselves calling in a termite expert to treat a termite infestation in their home. But is that person really an expert?
Not every pest controller is a termite control expert and when termites can quickly rack up tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home, taking a few minutes to confirm that you’re dealing with a qualified specialist makes very good sense.

What distinguishes a termite expert from any other pest controller?

In NSW, pest controllers must complete an entry level course in pest control. On successful completion they are able to obtain a pest control licence – however the entry level qualification does not make the student a specialist.  He or she may control cockroaches, ants and spiders, etc, but can’t carry out termite inspections or treatment alone.

A follow up course in Termite and Timber Pest Management will provide the knowledge an aspiring technician requires, while naturally, only experience and quality work will turn the student into a true expert.

So in the first instance, your ‘specialist’ should at least hold a qualification in Termite and Timber Pest Management.  This is known as PRM40209 Certificate IV in Asset Maintenance (Pest Management)

To achieve accreditation at the Certificate IV level, the candidate must be able to demonstrate a competency in all of the 15 core units, plus the 7 extra elective units (which is a total of 22 units).  This qualification is needed for firms that employ technicians, and sadly few pest firms carry this professional accreditation.

TAFE Accreditation

Core units

BSBSMB402A Plan small business finances

BSBSMB404A Undertake small business planning

PRMCMN302A Respond to client inquiries and complaints

PRMPM02B Assess pest management options

PRMPM05B Modify environment to manage pests

PRMPM06B Apply pesticide to manage pests

PRMPM07B Implement a pest management plan

PRMPM09B Advise client on pest management options

PRMPM17B Repair and maintain service` equipment

PRMPM18B Maintain an equipment and chemical storage area

PRMPM26B Select and obtain pest management equipment and materials

PRMPM27B Manage pest management operations risk

PRMPM28B Organise and operate a pest management vehicle

PRMPM29B Plan and schedule pest management operations

PRMPM43A Prepare and present a pest management submission including quotation

Elective units

BSBHRM401A Review human resources functions

BSBHRM402A Recruit, select and induct staff

BSBINN301A Promote innovation in a team environment

BSBSMB403A Market the small business

BSBSMB405A Monitor and manage small business operations

BSBSMB406A Manage small business finances

BSBSMB407A Manage a small team

PRMCMN402A Facilitate effective client relationships

PRMPM22B Develop and review company policies and procedures

PRMPM35B Manage assets

TAADEL301C Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills

Experience and investment in modern termite detection equipment are huge advantages for a technician – and for the homeowner. Termites are exceptionally discreet in their activities so a termite inspection must be thorough.

A newly qualified person can’t be expected to have the same level of experience at locating and treating termite infestations as a termite expert who has been locating and treating termites for many years.

Modern detection equipment like thermal imaging cameras that allow a termite expert to scan the walls of your home are highly effective but cost thousands of dollars so not every firm will invest in the latest technology.

Does that mean you should only choose a highly experienced technician?

Not necessarily – a qualified specialist who has good equipment, is diligent in inspecting for termite activity, and uses quality products to treat infestations may do a better job that a termite expert of many years who isn’t as diligent and relies on old detection methods.

How to choose your specialist in NSW

1.Ask if your pest controller has obtained the Termite and Timber Pest Management qualification.  Also if they have gone one step further by having Certificate IV in Asset Maintenance (Pest Management)

2.Ask your termite expert what type of equipment will be utilised in the search for termite activity – for example, modern equipment may include a thermal imaging camera, a Termatrac microwave device and moisture detection equipment.

3.Finally, ask your termite expert how and where they search for termites and nearby colonies to get a sense of how professional and diligent your termite expert is.

Termite treatments aren’t cheap so it can really pay to ensure you hire a termite treatment expert to carry out your regular inspections and advise you on how to best protect your home from future infestations.

Bruce at Search Engine Bootcamp

Bruce Gow of A1 Pest Control has over 40 years experience in the Pest Control Industry.  He currently holds Certificate IV in Asset Maintenance (Pest Management), and is recognised in many specialist qualifications including Advanced Termite Control.

Call Bruce on 0417 251 911 if you have a problem with termites, need some advice, or just send him a message.

Bruce is also available as an independent Expert Witness on all aspects of termite control and other timber pests as an expert consultant.  Over 7 years were spent as a police officer with plenty of court experience, so he is a very knowledgeable, strong witness on your side.

He is also a professional public speaker on any pest or termite control topic.

"We first used A1 Pest Control a few years ago when we noticed a few termites under a wine barrell in the rear yard of our home. We asked A1 Pest Control Sydney to pay us a visit to have a thorough termite inspection of our home. Bruce and his crew were on time, and very well presented. They explained how they would get rid of the termite infestation using a low toxic method and how their Thermal cameras worked, It worked very well and now we can sleep at night!"
Gary and Carol Harman
"We have been using Bruce form A1 Pest Control for over 4 years now. We bought our new house on the Hills Area, and moved in. our neighbours had problem with rodents and spiders so they are using A1 next door. I asked them if they could come over and treat our house too, as i didn't want to chase pest around our home. The service was not only effective, but carried out without any smelly fumes that we have experienced in our last house. They solved problem next door and I haven't seen a bug since."
Melissa Topper
"A1 Pest Control exterminators where great! I'm very happy to say that they solved a bed bug problem that I had after we had visitors from overseas visit us. I would recommend A1 Pest Control to anyone needing a safe and effective treatment of bed bugs"
Amanda Wu
"Bruce solved our commercial pest control problem in Castle Hill. Cockroaches were throughout our factory and they were completely gone after two visits from his exterminators. Just seeing one cockroach can lose us clients. I know now everyhing is ok, and our reputation is intact"
Raj Beri, Europa International
"Bruce from A1 Help us get rid of a bad spider infestation that have been troubling us for a while. It was done with low toxic spray and his crew even game me some cockroach and ant baits to get rid of them. I have recommended A1 to all my friends and family"
Carmel Thomas
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