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Termite Fumigation Cost

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Termite fumigation costs can sometimes be staggering but as Bruce Gow says: “Don’t cut corners when dealing with termites, they have been known to cause extensively more damage and incur repair and reconstruction costs much more than a fumigation procedure.”
If you’ve been asking around about termite fumigation cost, the chances are you’ve had some radically different answers. That’s because this expense can vary according to a variety of factors that affect the time and expense involved in undertaking the job. The treatment may also vary from one pest control firm to another.
Another issue when you ask people about the type of pest control is that most people don’t understand the difference between termite fumigation, and termite treatments that are more commonly used in Australia to treat termites.
It’s an important distinction because to fumigate against termites is substantially more expensive, and rarely an appropriate treatment.

What is Termite Fumigation?

Termite fumigation on a home involves ‘tenting’ the home and using a chemical like Methyl Bromide to fumigate. This method is used to treat severe infestations of Drywood termites, however in Australia damage to man-made timber structures is rarely caused by Drywood termites.
It’s the subterranean termites that do most of the damage to Australian homes. That said, the West Indian Drywood Termite has become a problem in Queensland, and has been found once or twice in New South Wales.

Treatment with fumigants is rare in Australia. The most common types of termite treatment are chemical barrier treatments like Termidor, physical barriers (Termitemesh, Granitgard etc.) dusting by Arsenic or Termidor dust and a wide selection of baiting systems.

Cost Factors

Some of the factors that may affect your termite treatment costings are:

  • The size of your property: termite quotes are often calculated per square foot or metre as this indicates the amount of product that must be used and the time the job will take.
  • The location of your property: if the nearest termite control company is a hundred kilometres away, the additional travel time and fuel costs will make the final quote more expensive.
  • The number of structures on your property – if you have sheds or multiple dwellings on acreage, it stands to reason that the termite treatment proposal will be much higher than it would be for a single average sized structure.

Likely Cost of Termite Fumigation

Fumigation can cost around $10,000 so it’s a good thing that it’s much more likely your Australian home has subterranean termites than Drywood termites! Chemical barrier treatments (for example, a Termidor soil barrier treatment) you can expect an estimate of between $2000 and $5000 for a suburban home.

So before you jump in and order a service you don’t need, speak to a licensed termite control expert who can determine the species of termites you have and advise you on the most appropriate method of termite treatment.

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