Sentricon Always Active Termite Baits

Sentricon has been creating effective Termite Baiting and Monitoring stations for many years now and are known for the easy installation and upkeep regarding their baits.  Recently they’ve improved upon their already successful formula and introduced the Sentricon Always Active approach.

In the past 5 years there have been huge influxes in the various models of termite control options that have become available, both to the consumer and professional. All of these solutions can be broadly classified into 2 subgroups; liquid chemical barriers and bait stations (termite monitoring stations).

Both these options have become increasingly popular due to the rising value of property and the increasing number of homes and businesses coming under termite attack.  Each of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages, and for the most comprehensive (albeit expensive) protection we advise implementing  termite monitoring stations alongside any chemical barrier.

Stick it to Termites

Chemical Barriers:

These come in two main varieties – a repelling barrier which, as the name suggests, repels termites and prevents them from breaching the barrier and getting into your home. The second type of barrier is a non-repellent barrier that is impregnated with a termiticide which is carried back to the termite nest and results in termite colony control. The main issue with a liquid chemical barrier is the fact that it can be disturbed or unsettled by the likes of a dog digging near the barrier or adding new garden beds etc. that breach the barrier perimeter.

Bait / Termite Monitoring Stations: 

Sentricon Always Active Bait Components
Sentricon Always Active Bait Components

Bait stations might appeal to clients that are more environmentally conscious (as no chemicals are injected into the soil) or homeowners that might be nervous about having a chemical barrier installed in a home with children and pets. When properly installed the baiting system is not invasive and can eliminate a termite colony. The old way that we installed termite bait stations was like this:
Now we install them with a new tool that saves our backs and has a lot neater look to it using a powerful De WALT drill and Power Planter auger. This enables us to dig into even areas that have heavy clay soil.

With conventional bait stations the baiting system is installed around the home at regular intervals (usually less than 4m apart), filled with a timber rod (usually Tasmanian Oak or Radiata Pine which appeals to termites) and then inserted into the soil. These baits require frequent monitoring, quarterly or monthly in high risk areas, and only after live termites or termite working has been sighted in the station does one add the bait matrix – which contains the termiticide.

This means that when termite bait systems go neglected, which we’ve come across many times, the timber inside is chewed up or rotted away and there’s no means of achieving termite colony control because the bait matrix was not added at the appropriate time.

The new Sentricon Always Active solves the problem of having to regularly maintain and inspect their baiting system – they’ve infused a rod with their Termiticide creating the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod™. This means that you can install the initial termite bait system and not have to worry about frequent inspections as the bait station already contains the necessary pesticide to promote termite colony control. So white ants get to chew on the active ingredient in the first instance, rather than just nibbling on timber. This what it looks like when they are attacked:

White ants (termites) chewing on the waxy rod.
White ants (termites) chewing on the waxy rod.

Sentricon has accomplished this by designing an active termiticide that doesn’t break down or become ineffective for a period of over FIVE YEARS! They’ve also managed to design the bait in such a way that it remains attractive to foraging termites for the same period of time.

The whole team at A1 Pest Control is excited about this new innovation from Sentricon and is already employing it very successfully in termite baiting systems since late 2016.

Here is some more information from the manufacturers of this fine product:

Label Information

The Ready to Install (RTI) station has 5 grammes per kilogramme of Hexaflumuron as the active constituent which is a rod containing an insect growth regulator for the control of white ants. See Label below:

Sentricon Always Active Label

It is produced and maintained by the Australian Building Code Board, the CodeMark list provides assurance to builders that the product certified meets the requirements of the building code of Australia (BCA)

Dow AgroSciences Pest Management Business Manager, Mrs Joanne George said “Sentricon IG termiticide Rods were registered in Australia in June last year.”

This registration allowed Professional Pest Managers to install or upgrade existing systems to this revolutionary new product.

With CodeMark accreditation it now allows owners of newly built buildings to also have the benefits  of “Always Active”

As all mainland areas are prone to termite damage, new constructions in Australia must comply with specific requirements for termite management.

To date, this often takes the form of a physical barrier (termite meshes and caps) and a chemical barrier.

Chemical barriers require trenches around the structure filled with hundreds of litres of termiticide that may be breached with any structural additions, landscaping or even a dog! Sentricon Always Active is designed to replace this chemical barrier.

Sentricon AlwaysActive is a system of stations installed discreetly into the soil around the perimeter of a structure with Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods installed in each station.

Termites find the rods and carry the active ingredient back to the colony, where elimination begins.

The active ingredient affects moulting which termites go through regularly, so when affected termites reach this development stage, they die. As their death is not associated with the Sentricon Station, the colony continues to feed on the rod.

As the active ingredient is so specific, Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods pose no risk to uses or the environment. It is also competitively affordable, both to install and maintain.

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association President, Mr Vasil Tsoutouras, has beem involved in the in-field testing of Sentricon Always Active over the past few years.

From his lifetime of experience in this industry he said that Sentricon Always Active “…is going to be a great product, consumers are going to love it, it’s exactly what they think a termite baiting system should be now”.

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