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Commercial Ant Control

Looking for information on ant control? We see ants as quite harmless most of the time and they also play an important role in the eco-system by eating dead animals and rotting plant material – but when they outwear their welcome by invading your space or destroying your property, it may be time to speak to a professional about ant control.

There are numerous species of ant and while most share similarities when it comes to their lifestyle and communication methods, some species have different preferences when it comes to food, have differing levels of aggression, and slightly different nesting habits. Several species can be such a problem for the home occupant that it’s necessary to arrange a professional ant control treatment.

“Ants are often not seen as a threat to a property. But we know that they can be more than a nuisance to your family and guests you have over. Over at A1 Pest Control we’re happy to sort out your ant issues so don’t hesitate to contact us!” – Bruce Gow

Here are some of the problems that ants may cause Sydney Businesses:

•In the outdoor area, ants frequently build tunnels under pavers. In doing so they remove the sand from in between the pavers, and make hollow tunnels beneath them. That can lead to some pavers sinking and the area becoming uneven. Tell tale signs are little piles of sand on the pavers.

•Ants in the garden can cause a number of problems but one that not too many gardeners know about is this: ants eat the sweet residue that aphids leave behind on your plants. Because that’s their food source, they protect the aphids from other enemies in the garden – if you have a problem with aphids, it’s possible that your garden ant population are making matters worse.

•When ants have decided that your kitchen or food preparaton area is a great source of food, it can be difficult to convince them otherwise. It’s never just a matter of a few ants either – ants leave a chemical trail (pheromones) once they’ve found a food source, so hundreds of ants from their colony may arrive to help carry the shopping home!

•Some of the larger species of ants bite and that can be quite a problem for your employees and visitors.

•Carpenter ants can damage wood on your property. Some  business owners mistake them for termites, but Carpenter ants don’t actually eat the wood – they just excavate it to make way for their tunnels.

There wouldn’t be too many Sydney companies who haven’t had to deal with an invasion of ants at some stage – whether it’s because they’re eating the food in the staff room, tunnelling under the paved entertaining area, invading the kitchen pantry in search of food, or biting the employees when they are lunching outdoors.

If you’ve already tried to get rid of ants using a store bought ant poison, you may have come to the conclusion that it’s not going to be as easy as you thought! Because ants live in heavily populated colonies, professional ant control is often necessary. If you need assistance to remove a colony of ants from your business premises, you can call us to discuss the problem.
We only have safe solutions and use low or non-toxic products in an integrated pest management plan to remove ants from your premises.

So how do you get rid of ants? Call A1 Pest Control on 0417 251 911 today for some free advice and no pushy sales talk

Call Bruce on 0417 251 911 if you have a problem with ants or send him a message.

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