Rat Control for Commercial Premises

Article authored by Bruce Gow

Do you need to speak to someone about rat control? Whether you own commercial premises or a suburban home, rats are rodents you really don’t want to share your space with. They’re more than just ugly (sorry kids!) they’re disease carrying pests that have been responsible for the deaths of millions of humans over the centuries, from a variety of diseases.

From the Bubonic Plague that has killed millions around the world to Leptospirosis – the illness that killed Olympic rower Andy Holmes in 2010 – the types of bacterium spread by rats can cause serious illness and sometimes, death. Leptospirosis can be contracted by humans when they come into contact with contaminated water; and the water is contaminated by urine from infected animals or rats. Those who have open wounds or cuts or get the water in their eyes or mouth may be at higher risk.

You may think that such diseases are rare in the modern era but according to a NSW Government Health Department fact sheet, there are some 200 cases of Leptospirosis diagnosed in Australia every year, and it is suspected that many more go undiagnosed.

Rats can do quite a bit of damage to property too – as many people who have stored old paperwork, clothing or other fabrics in cardboard boxes in a storeroom, shed or garage can tell you! And of course, they don’t mind stealing some of your insulation to make their nests cosy.
Rats tend to move into buildings where there’s a food source close at hand but rat control is important for all commercial premises, even those that don’t have a food store, canteen, or food storage area. If you’re near premises that do, and rats are moved on from those premises either by a rat control treatment or by access to their food source being eliminated, they’ll be looking for a new home nearby.

Whether you own commercial premises or a suburban home, there are a few basic rat control measures you can take on your own to reduce the risk of rats taking up residence:

• Ensure that all food stored on the premises is sealed.
• Seal all bins tightly where this is possible.
• Remove rubbish from inside the premises regularly.
• If you store materials that rats might find useful for nest building, secure it in strong plastic storage containers rather than cardboard boxes or plastic bags that can be chewed through.

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“Many businesses struggle with rat control as they seem to constantly find new nooks and crannies to hide in and eventually return in full force. We know how to eliminate them completely and pride ourselves in our professional and thorough treatments.” – Bruce Gow