Carpenter Ant Removal

Article written by Bruce Gow


“I’ve been dealing with Carpenter Ants for many years now and I’d be happy to take care of any Carpenter Ant issues that you might have!” – Bruce Gow

Are you looking for information about carpenter ant removal? When carpenter ants (see above) are discovered by a home occupant, they’re often mistaken for termites. That’s because unlike many other ant species, these quite large ants (usually about 6-12mm in length) prefer to build their nests in damp or rotting wood. Many Sydney home owners have experienced a problem with these ants, be it in the garden or inside the home. Those living in bushy areas seem more likely to experience an infestation of this species.

Carpenter ants eat quite a varied diet – from other insects to sweet food or even meat found in a kitchen. They tend to eat at night, so often aren’t easy spotted – but you may see and hear some signs of their activity. Little piles of sawdust near woodwork can be a tell tale sign because rather than eat the wood they nest in, these ants simply excavate it to make room for their galleries. If there are enough of them nesting in the woodwork, you may actually hear an unusual sound coming from the location of their nest.

Carpenter Ant Removal can be carried out by a licensed pest controller. A number of methods may be used and your pest controller will suggest an approach based on the severity of the infestation, the size of the colony, and its location.
Treatment may involve baiting, dusting, aerosol pesticide spray or a barrier insecticide outdoors that helps to kill off the colony by allowing the ants to transport an undetectable poison back to their colony. A combination of these approaches may be required.

You may also need to fill in cracks and crevices that have permitted the ants to enter, or remove damp or rotting wood that may have attracted the ants.

Preventative measures include repairing tap and pipe leaks quickly, sealing gaps through which ants can enter your home, and keeping shrubs away from the exterior walls of your home as the wood and dampness may attract them to the area and lead them closer to your home.

Not sure whether you have carpenter ants or termites? If you’ve moved a piece of wood and discovered ant like insects, you could be forgiven for being uncertain. In either event, you’ll probably require the assistance of a professional to identify and treat the insects. If there is any chance that the insects are termites, it’s very important not to further disturb the nest before the arrival of the pest control operator as termites may disperse and move to other locations around the home.

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