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Tips and Helpful information about Commercial Rodent Control

No one likes seeing a rodent in a commercial establishment, whether it’s in a restaurant, office or workshop – rodents are bad for business. If there was any pest that is associated with disease, dirtiness and just being plain gross it would be rodents. Rats and mice have a knack for spreading discomfort to anyone who lays eyes on them and in this day and age a negative online review can go a long way in hurting future business.

If you’ve heard or seen any rodents in your workplace then it’s time to call in a professional and get those rodents gone before they chase away customers!


Pictured: Open Rodent Bait Station With Applied Bait Blocks

Both rats and mice are notorious pests, known for breeding quickly and being responsible for spreading many dangerous diseases. When left untreated they can quickly develop into a very serious infestation which makes control much, much harder. The main areas rodents are drawn to are the kitchen, living areas, and garbage collection areas where they can cause a wealth of problems for any Sydney resident or business owner.

Protecta Sidekick Tamper Resistant Rodent Bait Station



How To Open The Station:

1. Insert either end of Vertical Bait Securing Rod into one of the holes in the floor of the baiting areas
2. Push key straight down as far as it can go. Make sure key is securely placed in lock.
3. Pull back on the top of the key away from the station while pulling the key upright
4. Prise open the locking prongs, then firmly lift lid upwards.
5. While keeping the station lid open, repeat again with the 2nd lock to completely open the station.
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Inserting the Bait Rods:

1. Insert either end of the metal Bait Rod into the circular hole in the base of the baiting areas (x4)

2. Place the bait onto the installed Bait Rod – this can be stacked toward the top of the rod.

3. Close the lid of the Protecta Bait station securely – it will make a “click” sound when secured.


NB: The locking mechanism may be stiff with the first opening. The mechanism becomes more flexible after the first opening.


·79E9141C-20E5-4759-9814-A9C895E38303Rats and mice are known for causing substantial physical damage to a property. Rats and mice need to continuously gnaw on hard materials in order to keep their teeth at an appropriate length. This habitual gnawing can result in damage to structural components such as walls, door-frames, skirting boards and more. Other materials that can be damaged by gnawing include wires and cables, upholstery and similar materials, books, and even food containers. The result can be a building that is structurally unsound—or where fire risks are substantially increased.

·Rats and mice not only cause damage to a property, but they leave plenty of evidence of it, too. Rodent droppings, urine stains, unpleasant odours, and smear-marks are common in properties plagued by rodents. These have a negative effect on the overall ambience of a property.

·Rodents have a reputation for spreading disease, and it’s one that’s well-deserved. Rodents are responsible for spreading more than 35 types of serious diseases worldwide. These diseases can be transmitted via several different means. Rodent urine and faeces may contaminate food, for example, and indirect contamination may occur from interactions with pets or insects infected by a rodent-carried disease.

Setting up the Bait Station
These bait stations can be set up indoors or outdoors and should ideally be placed in any high traffic area where rodents are often sighted. These can also be affixed to a floor or wall using a screw or nail through the hole on the base of the bait station, this can only be accessed when the station is unlocked which prevents anyone from tampering with the bait station.
Pictures for reference


We’ve serviced hundreds of properties to help manage rodent problems and can confidently say that it is essential for any business owner to have a reliable rodent control system in place – whether this is in the form of frequent pest control treatments or a baiting system in itself. In the worst case scenario restaurants and businesses can be shut down and deemed “unliveable” if the problem is severe resulting not into in the cost of reparations but financial loss due to being closed down!

One of the newer baiting stations has the semblance of a rock and as such it is unobtrusive and doesn’t advertise the fact that there might be rodents on a property! These baits can also be bolted, screwed, or glued down. They come with a handy service log sticker and require a unique key to open – great for any properties that have children or pets that might disturb the rodent baits. Contact us if you’d like to discuss further treatment options.

Most traps or pellets are great at killing off a few rodents but to get rid of an infestation or proof a property against infestation you need to get a property rodent management system in place. A1 Pest Control has over 3 DECADES of experience in successfully controlling rodent infestations and making sure that they don’t come back! Call us today on 0417 251 911 for a competitive quote or to book us in and get rid of those vermin!

Pictured: Rodent Bait Resembling Rock

“We’ve got the return customers to prove our professionalism and excellent treatments. Ring us up and find out why we’re so popular with other businesses and commercial enterprises.” – Bruce Gow

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