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Trelona Termite Baits Sydney

  • Trelona® Termite Bait stations are our recommendation for most  termite management solutions in Sydney.

It is well engineered with scrupulous research in “white ant” behaviour.

Trelona Accredited

A1 Pest Control was one of the first firms in Sydney to become accredited with the Trelona bait stations system.

We found it had well designed, discreet features to get rid of termites safely with long term, tested protection.

Trelona Trial Graph

Do termite bait stations really work?

Yes, providing that they are used properly.  You won’t get rid of termites by simply placing DYI (do it yourself) bait stations from Sydney hardware stores such as Bunnings into the ground and walking away. Trelona works best when used in conjunction with Termidor barrier systems. Baiting is most effective where sufficient numbers of termites “bump into” stations whilst foraging and eat the termite bait.

Trelona Termite Bait Key Benefits

1. Superior bait matrix

2. Uses 124g of active ingredient 5g/kg Novaluron

3. Uses 50% less bait to eliminate colonies faster

4. Easy to install and service

5. Cartridge system is easy to service and monitor

6. Has low profile design to minimise lawn mower damage and tampering by children and pets

7. Extensive successful trials Australia wide

8. Compressed Puri-cell bait matrix

9. Highly palatable to termites (“white-ants”).

10. May be used as a monitoring system or active on application.

Workers and soldiers aren’t attracted to it as some people believe, as they are blind and cannot smell it.

We find that our clients prefer baiting systems as it it is very low toxic to humans and their pets and is environmentally friendly.

Facts About Termite Nests
  • Termites have the most diverse nests ranging from massive underground labrynths that can be up to 1000 cubic metres in size, to towering catherdrals which can be up to 7 metres tall! nesting is a type of trait used by eusocial insects like wasps termites and ants.
  • they build these nests to  defend against predators and to acquire a set temperature and humidity level. many crypto-termes are able to adjust population size and development through accordance to the size of the wood they have infested.
  • depending on the species termites can either build nests in soil while living a completely subterranean existence, build in dead/living trees or even in a small sized timber piece they are using to feed.
  • some termites can attach their nests up high in a living tree while maintaining ground contact using galleries running up and down the tree trunk.
  • the nest can be a storage space for food and in some cases certain species can use the set temperature and humidity of the nest to harbour a fungus farm in which they can grow their own food.
  • most termite species attack timber in service so most species pest controllers deal with are cryptic in nature, meaning, their nests are hidden from plain site
  • Coptotermes are mostly found inside trees/stumps etc.
  • Mastotermes can be found in the rootball of  trees underground.
  • Nasutitermes & Microcerotermes are the most likely species to build obvious nests. Termites that feed on grass show off their feats of engineering through building monument like nests.

Q. Is DIY Termite Baiting worth it?

A. No, Not unless you have the necessary training and experience. A licensed pest controller is trained in termite biology,  building construction, and have many years of experience finding entry points and control.

Before we install the Trelona system, we will complete a full thermite imaging pest report of your home or business to determine what pest management of termites is required.

ATBS stations are installed at approximately 3 metre intervals. Your fully qualified inspector will identify the required inspections period, which may vary from 3-6 monthly intervals.

The unique advantage of  ATBS is that Termidor termiticide may be used alongside of it as the perfect protection partner.

Termidor is the premium name in termite control since 2002.

Due to the termite risk or building design, a combined treatment may offer the very best protection for your home or business.




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Our Team at A1 Pest Control are proud to be a 100% Australian-owned service, which is a rarity in our sector. For more than 40 years, we have offered top quality pest control solutions in the Sydney Metro areas.

We take enormous enjoyment and pride in providing our nearby community and providing a high-quality pest control service that is effective, budget-friendly, and risk-free for adults, children, and pets. If your residence or business needs pest control services, contact us and check out our 100% pest-free assurance.



Environmentally Friendly, Low Toxic and Non-Toxic Solutions

A1 Pest Control uses the newest techniques when carrying out pest inspections and treatments, utilising low and non-toxic chemical remedies that are safe for people and pets. What is the use of successful pest control if it renders the home or organisation dwelling unsafe for people to use afterwards? Our team make your overall health and convenience our highest possible concern, and we do so in a way that is environmentally friendly.

A1 Pest Control has rigorous methods and processes that will safeguard your health during and after the treatment method is complete.

Looking for “Trelona Termite Baits Near Me”?

We are a family operated business with more than 39 years of  expertise in pest control professional services.

So, if you are looking for ‘Trelona accredited operator near me’, search no further.

Find out why A1 Pest Control has an impeccable pest control reputation in the Sydney area.

Please be aware that some pest management firms advertise that they work in the area, but actually are based much further away.

We are only 30 minutes away from the city centre.

Our working hours are from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

Call Bruce directly from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturday

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"We first used A1 Pest Control a few years ago when we noticed a few termites under a wine barrell in the rear yard of our home. We asked A1 Pest Control Sydney to pay us a visit to have a thorough termite inspection of our home. Bruce and his crew were on time, and very well presented. They explained how they would get rid of the termite infestation using a low toxic method and how their Thermal cameras worked, It worked very well and now we can sleep at night!"
Gary and Carol Harman
"We have been using Bruce form A1 Pest Control for over 4 years now. We bought our new house on the Hills Area, and moved in. our neighbours had problem with rodents and spiders so they are using A1 next door. I asked them if they could come over and treat our house too, as i didn't want to chase pest around our home. The service was not only effective, but carried out without any smelly fumes that we have experienced in our last house. They solved problem next door and I haven't seen a bug since."
Melissa Topper
"A1 Pest Control exterminators where great! I'm very happy to say that they solved a bed bug problem that I had after we had visitors from overseas visit us. I would recommend A1 Pest Control to anyone needing a safe and effective treatment of bed bugs"
Amanda Wu
"Bruce solved our commercial pest control problem in Castle Hill. Cockroaches were throughout our factory and they were completely gone after two visits from his exterminators. Just seeing one cockroach can lose us clients. I know now everyhing is ok, and our reputation is intact"
Raj Beri, Europa International
"Bruce from A1 Help us get rid of a bad spider infestation that have been troubling us for a while. It was done with low toxic spray and his crew even game me some cockroach and ant baits to get rid of them. I have recommended A1 to all my friends and family"
Carmel Thomas
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