Termite Treatment Options

Bruce Gow, owner of A1 Pest Control, has
over 30 years of experience in the pest control industry! As such odds are he’s
come across almost every different pest related scenario, and all of our pest
controllers are trained in the field while also fulfilling all the necessary
certification as well as further certification that many pest controllers don’t
acquire. This makes our guys lethal to any pests, and termites are no

Many home owners are hesitant about
organizing a termite inspection because they’re afraid of the outcome and the
costs related to a termite treatment if any are found. The other side of the
coin is that there is no insurance in Australia that covers termite damage, so
leaving your home unprotected and uninspected means that by the time you
discover them the infestation might be too severe and you won’t be able to
claim any money from your insurer to rebuild what they’ve destroyed. Termites,
when left untreated, can often amount into sums in excess of AU$20,000! A
termite inspection isn’t even a fraction of this cost.

Our inspectors are known for being very
thorough and going the extra mile to ensure that your whole property is
properly inspected for any termites and the proper termite treatment options
are advised. We offer a variety of treatments which include: Chemical Termite
Barriers, Partial Chemical Termite Barriers, Termite Bait/Monitoring Stations,
Tree Testing/Drilling for Termites, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Pre-Slab
Treatments and Spot Treatments (Dusting) of any live Termites found.

Most new home owners are so caught up in
the purchasing process that they don’t think of having a report done on the
property before purchase or organizing an inspection at the earliest
convenience. The two most popular termite treatments we propose are the
Chemical Termite Barrier and the Termite Monitoring/Bait stations. Often both
can be employed at the same property if the home or area is known for termite

A Chemical Termite Barrier serves as the
most comprehensive and effective preventative treatment for any home that might
be victim to the prying and hungry eyes of a local termite colony. There are
different types of chemicals that can be utilized in a termite barrier, some
completely repel termites and kill them upon contact and other allow termites
to partially enter the barrier, absorbing the chemical and then transferring it
back to the colony where their social habits spread the termiticide throughout
the whole colony and destroy it.

The Termite Monitoring/Bait stations are
not a preventative measure but rather an early monitoring method. The stations
are filled with a tasty piece of timber that the termites are known to be fond
of and then set up at 1-3M intervals surrounding the home. Regularly checking
these stations allow a home owner to stay on top of any termites that might
think of turning your home into their next meal. Any termites found in these
stations can be dusted (spot treated) by our firm to kill them and any other
termites they socialize with, this often leads to the destruction of the whole

If you have any further queries about
termite treatment options or would like to ask one of our experts for advice
then give us a ring on 0417 251 911 or alternatively email us an info@a1pestcontrol.com.au or talk
directly to the owner bruce@a1pestcontrol.com.au