Pest Control Lugarno, Sydney NSW

Lugarno is where my relatives have lived for the past 40 years. So I’m pretty aware of what goes on in the area in regards to pest control. The main pest problems in these localities are termites, spiders, cockroaches, ants, rats, mice and possums. Bed bugs have made a larger presence in the last 5-10 years. This is thought to be a result of more frequent air travel due to cheaper flights.

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The termite problems have escalated in these areas because of homes being built nearby to bushland, the older homes being more at risk. Termite inspections are recommended every 3-6 months due to the perceived higher risk of attack.

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Are you looking for Pest Control? Lugarno has been our service area for over 30 years. We are a family owned firm and have survived in business by giving all of our customers what they are looking for, a reliable, trustworthy service at a reasonable price. We have been successfully treating Bed Bugs, Bee Removal, Termites, Spiders, Cockroaches and Ants, all with low toxic treatments.

Information on Lugarno, Sydney NSW

Lugarno is one of the suburbs in southern Sydney, in the state of NSW, Australia. Lugarno is located 23 kms south of the Sydney central business district in the LGA of the City of Hurstville & is a location situated in the St George area.

Its located north of the Georges River, & is known for the large areas of bush-land. Peakhurst, Alfords Point, Illawong, Padstow Heights & Oatley are the adjoining suburbs.

Lugarno was apparently named after Lake Lugano in Switzerland by the surveyors: Major Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (1792-1855) & William Govett (1807-1848) in 1843.

Somehow an extra ‘r’ was tacked on for the suburb name. Illawarra Road was originally built by convicts in 1841 & it ran through Gannon’s Forest, down to the Georges River.

The road from Arncliffe was later known as Gannon’s Forest Road and today is known as Forest Road.

The name has been retained in Old Illawarra Road, over the river in Menai and Lucas Heights.

A punt operated from Lugarno across the river from 1843. An established ferry serviced the area from 1887 to 1974, closing with the opening of the Alfords Point Bridge. The suburb was developed into mainly residential in the 1960s when land was released for home sites.

Lugarno suffered critical fire outbreaks during the Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983, the 1996 bushfires and the Christmas 2001 to Summer 2002 bushfires.